Say Yes To Online Education!

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Online education has been booming for the past couple of years. Despite its growing popularity, a lot of people have been a bit skeptical: are the degrees earned appreciated by employers?

The answer to that question would be Yup!

In a report published late last year (“Online Degrees Make the Grade: Employer Acceptance Now Common” by George Lorezno), several employers stated they would certainly consider an applicant with an online degree. These employers realize that many online students are more mature than the average high school student and oftentimes work full-time (or, at least part-time) jobs and then attend classes and lectures at night — demonstrating discipline and strong ambition.

Personally, I think pursuing an online degree could benefit the lives of a lot of people. Many students become distracted by the whole college experience and lose focus on the priorities, especially what they came to college to do in the first place – to learn.

I’m not saying that the college experience isn’t enjoyable and doesn’t teach you anything, but an online degree is an excellent opportunity for students who may be a little “too mature” for the college scene or need more flexibility. It’s a great way to upgrade your skills and further your career. Just because you don’t sit in a classroom, doesn’t mean that you won’t get a great education.



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