Internship Diary: Day IV

Photo by Stewf.

Photo by Stewf.

This town stinks.

I’m cranky. My day was pretty crummy. Things were going OK. A photo I took was on the front page of the newspaper the other day and then a story I did yesterday was the top story this morning. Good times all ’round. But I arrived at work this morning to find its original owner using it. She was back from vacation. So, I took the (very messy, cluttered desk of the guy who sits next to me, who had the day off.

Well, first I couldn’t get logged on to the computer. Then I couldn’t get the phone to work. Then I couldn’t figure out how to hook my recorder to the phone so I could record my interviews. (For the record, I’m terrible at taking quotes down by hand. Terrible. I’m just not fast enough!) So I tried recording at my old desk while Ms. Cranky Pants was off on assignment. And guess what. The little cord that hooks the phone to the recorder is broken. There must be a short in the cord or something. And I’d just had an in-depth interview with the president of a local community college. I had NOTHING.

Anyhoo. A crummy day. I don’t know where I’ll be sitting tomorrow either. Frig. Thank the G-man tomorrow is Friday.

After work, I went for a walk to pick up some supplies (cookies, popcorn, a phone card and a battery charger, since I left mine in City X). Here are some comparisons between City X (where my college is located) and Town X (where I’m currently doing my internship):

  • While City X‘s downtown is hip, cultural and artsy, Town X‘s downtown is full of out-of-business shops that never actually stood a chance of surviving
  • City X has an amazing music scene. Town X isn’t quite sure what that is.
  • In City X, I would be considered average in sense of style. In Town X, if you’re wearing matching shoes, you automatically get ten points.
  • City X people have a certain city quality about them. You can generally tell who lives in town and who doesn’t. In Town X, even people who live right in town wear rubber boots and deerskin coats. (They might as well be spitting some tobacco isn’t a metal bucket.)
  • In City X, I could just walk somewhere downtown and buy a phone recorder. But in Town X? Oh, no. No, no. Not that easy.
  • Frig. Even the people are better-looking in City X

And you know what? This town really does, literally, stink.


2 Responses to “Internship Diary: Day IV”

  1. Aww, Jill. I feel for you. Town X has stunk since the beginning of time, and sadly everyone there thinks it’s the greatest place ever…. Town X wouldn’t know if good music and decent cultural aspects set the damn town on fire….of course the people might, but they’d only be concerned about whether or not they can save thier trucks and rubber boots.

  2. See? Sarah gets it!

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