Internship Diary: Day XVII

Photo by inka7791.

Photo by inka7791.

(I have been seriously neglecting this blog since I started college but I’ve been ten times worse since I started college. I’m not very good at juggling and I’m afraid this blog felt the brunt of that. So, for that, I apologize. But I should have lots of time to get back to updating this blog this summer, starting in early May when the school year has wrapped.)

I have just two shifts left of my internship and then I’m done. I’m taking a a bus back to City X on Monday. Score. I’m seeing one of my favorite musicians perform on Tuesday night with Jaclyn- it’s going to be amazing. Plus, I’ll get to talk to my classmates about their experiences, talk to my instructors about how things went… and just chill out in my favorite town for a week. Huzzah!

I learned a lot during my internship. I also made some significant decisions about my future and career during the last 4 weeks.

  1. I’d like to do some sort of photography biz on the side- pets, children, weddings, etc.
  2. I seriously need to get my driver’s license. Not only do I just need to, I generally just want to.
  3. When I get too old and out-of-touch to write music and/or entertainment news (which is still my passion, for the record), I want to concentrate on Health. (But I don’t plan on aging past 29, so this shouldn’t be an issue.)
  4. Different editors want different things. What was drilled into my head during school is necessarily what all editors will be looking for.
  5. If I ever need a stand-alone photo (which, in my mind, are a waste of time and newspaper page space), find a construction site. Most guys love talking to young, cute reporters half their age and are willing to pose for a photo.
  6. Newspapers love photos of young, cute children. They make the publication seem family-friendly.
  7. Small-town newspapers are not my bag, baby. If I’m going to do the Journalism thing, I’m gonna have to get a gig at a large newspaper in the city or at a magazine.
  8. I do, indeed, plan on taking a Multimedia course after I’m done Journalism. I really want to write for online publications. Even one of the reporters at the newspaper said that was probably a smart move.
  9. I’m never coming back to Town X ever, ever, ever, ever again. All my friends from high school will be gone and graduated so I really will have no reason to. So, yeah.
  10. I want to name my son (if I have one, that is) Everett Henry Demetri LastName. (This isn’t really internship-, writing- or career-related but I just thought I would throw that in there, mostly for my own records.)

4 Responses to “Internship Diary: Day XVII”

  1. Multimedia, data and technology-assisted reporting is definitely a good idea. If a newspaper is hiring, it would probably hire a young, inexperienced reporter who is tech-savvy over someone who can barely do a Google search.

    But why do you think a large newspaper would be better than a small-town paper?

  2. Because small-town reporters seem to wear a LOT of different hats. I would rather specialize in one area, rather than do a little bit of everything.
    Maybe that’s not actually how things work at a larger paper. I don’t even know.

  3. That seems to be true of many of my friends who did their internships at smaller newspapers — they did everything from reporting to copy editing to photography to proofing pages, etc.

    At the National Post, however, I didn’t get to do any of that “extra” stuff. Strictly reporting, mostly on the same few topics. If it was different, it was because I pitched it or the editor thought it was be interesting to tackle. Everything else I got was somebody’s beat, but they were probably too busy to tackle the story at the time.

    If you want to compare the two, maybe use your experience at the small paper to try to land an internship at one of the larger papers.

    As I’m sure you know, though, large newspapers are on their way out. Or at least they’re trying to figure out what will happen to them. Most want you to work for free, and some won’t even take you on for free due to union rules.

  4. Not comming back? Im a sad panda miss KJ.

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