Jill’s Day Planner: April 15th, 2009

Since Little Miss Intern here worked on Good Friday last week, I have a day off tomorrow! 😀 And what a fun day I have planned out for myself. I can hardly wait for all the excitement and fun in store!

Photo by Molly Des Jardin.

Photo by Molly Des Jardin.

  • 9 AM – Wake up and get the (expletive) out of bed. Get ready for the day.
  • 11 AM – Have lunch with the family that own the B&B. Omelet. Coffee. The use’yal.
  • 11:45 AM – Walk down to local community college. Go to the cafeteria and ask random students about their sleeping habits. Take some photos of someone pretending to sleep on a table while his friends laugh at him off-camera.
  • 1 PM – Do laundry. Check out nearby used book store. Put clothes in dryer. Walk to nearby grocery store and buy hair mousse and margarine. Finish doing laundry.
  • 2:30 PM – Have snack.
  • 2:35 PM – Pack some stuff up and move it to another bedroom of the B&B.
  • 3 PM – Transcribe the very long interview I did yesterday and try to put it into some sort of order so I can write the article quickly efficiently tomorrow.
  • 5:10 PM – Interview and photograph Charlsie for stage-managing article. Pretend to be listening to her answers while secretly hoping Hot Teacher will walk by and see me being all grown-up and professionalish.
  • 6 PM – Go back to B&B. Sit on bed, depressed because did not see Hot Teacher. Have 2-hour angry nap.
  • 8 PM – Wake up from angry nap, only to realize that I wasted 2 hours of my “day off” having a nap. Dammit!
  • 8:05 PM – Do something productive. Work on my comedy novel. Work on my website. Read. Better society in general… but most likely watch TV.
  • 11 PM – Fall asleep watching TV.

I just love days off from work (I’m not getting paid for anyway), don’t you?!


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