Internship Diary: Day XX

Photo by Yashima.

Photo by Yashima.

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Today was my last day. There is no more. Well, until my internship next year, that is.

…And yes. I had some wine tonight… with the woman who owns the B&B I’m staying at. She invited me to dinner and we had some wine and now I’m all warm and sleepy.

Very sleepy, actually. Phew.

Mister Editor Man gave me my end-of-internship review and it was all very positive. I exceeded his expectations, he thinks I’m very talented and the only reason he’s not offering me a summer job is because I don’t have my driver’s license. I told him I completely understood.

Despite working in a newsroom not being my dream job (by a long-shot), I really did learn a lot. And if I’m ever desperate, I can try take that route, even though the number of jobs in the business is painfully limited.

I’m really happy with most of the stories I wrote. Mister Editor Man gave me mostly fluffy people stories, which I really enjoy doing. I pitched a couple story ideas, followed up on them and did them to the best of my ability. And I’m proud of that.

Am I going to miss Town X? Heck, no. (I dig culture. Yo.) Am I looking forward to getting back to City X? Heck, yes. But more than that, I’m pretty excited about going back to the boondocks for a while, as crazy as that sounds. I miss my mom. I miss having free time. I miss being able to blog for hours at a time and actually respond to comments.

I don’t particularly miss working at the convenience store but that’s where I’ll be this summer. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a follow-up to 20 Rules For The Convenience Store. I guess we’ll see.

I definitely plan on working on my new music site, blogging here and there, maybe do some guest blogging if any opportunities come up and (definitely) updating Kill Jill a lot more often than I have been. My baby has been neglected and now I must save it before Family Services comes and takes it away from me.

Wow. I really shouldn’t drink and blog. It’s bad for the Internet.

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