A Year in Review: 2008-2009

I can’t believe I’m already done my first year at College X. It seems almost strange.  It just went so fast. As a year-end wrap-up, I thought I’d discuss several areas of my life that were affected this year (because I know all of you care so much).


  • I did very well on my exams, even in Math.
  • I got 100% for my internship mark and might be up for a day internship in the fall.
  • I got along with my teachers and earned the respect (at least, I think I did…) of my peers.

Personal Development

  • I learned how to cook a few things! Go me!
  • I learned that one should wash dishes more than once a week… or get a friend to do them for you. (ahahahaha!!)
  • I learned that I don’t mind living independently and I actually could if I needed to.
  • Probably ate way too many carbs, too much junk food and far too few fruits and veggies.
  • Only went to the gym twice and I hated it. 1) My boobs caused a big oval-shaped sweat pattern on the front of my t-shirt. 2) Fit people and unfit people shouldn’t be made to work out together. 3) I was in pain for days after.
  • Except for my weakness for ordering-in, I was OK with money and even had a couple hundred left over.

Relationships: Friends

  • I made several very close friends, including Jenn, Caitlin and Jaclyn.
  • Although our relationship started off slow and even a little uneasy, I eventually became very close with my roommate, Amanda (but better known as Roomie).
  • I kept in contact with several friends from high school and hung out with a few during my internship. I did, however, lose track of a couple other close friends.

Relationships: Family

  • I called Mom regularly.
  • Didn’t really keep in touch with my cousin but we’re both busy so it’s cool.
  • Didn’t call my grandmother as much as I should. Hmmm.

Relationships: Romantic

  • Had a short-lived (but still kind of complicated) “fling” early in the year with a classmate. We dealt with the awkwardness all year and have only recently been able to become friends again
  • Went on a couple dates with a really great guy that I liked a lot… but sadly, it did not work out. We haven’t hung out since or spoken face-to-face but we’ve texted a couple times. Things seem to be OK.
  • Poop. Maybe next year will prove more fruitful in that department…

I’d love to hear how everyone else’s year went in these arenas!


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