10 Things I Hate About Facebook

OK, I admit. Some of these things aren’t exactly Facebook‘s fault, but more the fault of some of the Facebook-using folk. Here, I’ll explain.

  1. I hate when people list “tanning” in their profile under “Interests”. Tanning is not an interest, nor a hobby. Tanning is bad for your skin. There was this girl in one of my classes in high school who was permanently orange. Me and my (pale) friend called her “The Sun-Dried Tomato”. She looked ridiculous.
  2. I hate that I actually know people who put “tanning” on their profile under “Interests”.
  3. When teenage moms take sexy selfie photos with their babies. I’ve only seen this done twice but it disgusted me both times. I hope these babies grow up to see their mom was such a camera/attention/Facebook whore and then rebel by getting tons of piercings and trying drugs.
  4. Bored “adults” who have WAY too much time on their hands and play a thousand different Facebook games, use a bunch of dumb applications and then invite everybody they know to join in.
  5. I hate that there is a “Like” option but no “Dislike” option. As my friend Claire said, “I would use that a lot more.”
  6. People who update their status WAY too many times in a day. “Bob just woke up.” “Bob is brushing his teeth.” “Bob is leaving for work.” “Bob is at work.” “Bob needs to get back to work and stop going on Facebook at work.” “Bob needs to prove he has a fulfilling life by updating his status as often as possible.” “Bob should start a Twitter account.”
  7. Groups that demand people join because “if we get 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 members, we can stop Facebook from shutting own!!!!!!!1” Lame. Stop it. And yet these groups do actually have thousands and thousands of members. The number of gullible folk in this world is tragic.
  8. Little 13-year-old emo kids complaining about the stresses of their junior high lives. (They have NO IDEA what they’re in for.)
  9. Teenagers who constantly put “gettin high wit mah boyeeez 2nite” or the 14-year-olds who put “getting hammered tonight” in their status. Hello, um, people can see your status updates, idiots.
  10. I hate that Facebook has been going strong for a couple years now and I’m still fully addicted. *le sigh* Facebook, I’d get so much done if it weren’t for you.

So, readers. What do YOU hate about Facebook??

9 Responses to “10 Things I Hate About Facebook”

  1. I hate that there are 3,000,000,000 different diet sites on the internet, and yet I can’t find one good facebook diet. I need to stay away from that site, it’s taking control of me.

  2. 6 and 7 crack me up on your list. You seem to point out peculiar things that teenagers depict on their profiles, I believe teenagers shouldn’t be on facebook, period.

    Employers are using fb to research candidates and these kids who just discovered fb and are posting weird things don’t realize that sooner or later it will hurt them.

    I try to go on fb atleast once a day, i think i am okay with that…

  3. Clizzle Says:

    hey i totally agree with everything… especially the tanning thing!!! you are right.. it is not an interest or a hobby, its a damaging practise that isn’t necessary!

    I actually deleted someone from facebook the other day, because they updated their status too much…. not to mention constantly mentioning that they were stoned or high!! do you even WANT a career or job?

    And what about FML… i hate that!!! “I have two exams in a few days….FML” ” I stubbed my toe… FML” COME ON PEOPLE! what about the starving children all over the whole that were orphaned at a young age!! they are allowed to say FML

    Oh jesus christ, the adults that spend wayyy too much time on facebook… “so and so has done this quiz” “so and so’s stripper name is …” WHAT you are an adult? stop using facebook so much!

    and they should have a dislike button… as your brilliant friend pointed out!

    anyways, that is my rant! very good piece jizzle

  4. shanshanigans Says:

    Stupid “info” sections and people who can’t write. Example:

    “i like anything like uhm oldies sum rap like not rap rap like kinda its hard to explain uhm hip hop i hate rock however i do like nickleback staind crossfade evanescence nd only 1 song from 3 doors down thats pretty much it besides the fact i dont really like too much country although i do like some country singers and their music u can ask me who they r if u want”

    No joke. Lifted straight from a friend’s profile.


  5. I agree with all 10 dislikes about Facebook. And yet I too am still addicted. Se La Vie?

  6. My friend likes to refer to The Over Tanned as burnt hot dogs

  7. People who do crime or violent activities, Post it on facebook and and get caught, I always thought criminals where stupid but this is ridiculous… Also people who cant spell I don’t mean to be pedantic but if you cant spell ‘your’ properly You should go back to Year 5 for some spelling ‘pratcie’

    • salma mustafa Says:

      I hate people who make friends on FB and do not participate at all just keep observing what others say or write and enjoy silently.
      Fb is for interacting with friends and views.I feel like deleting them from the list.

  8. I agree with all of the above and would add the following:

    1. Hate people who “friend” you just because they’re in competition with someone else as to who has the most “friends” on FB.

    2. Hate people who are so caught up in entertaining others with their status reports, they no longer have time for intelligent emails.

    3. Hate people who now are BFFs with people they’ve slashed and bashed forever elsewhere.

    4. Hate people you went to high school with, and with whom you were never friends before, wanting to “friend” you on FB so they can update you on how many of our classmates have died. (Saying things like, “Found another one!” when they discover that another of our classmates has died. Please Lord, let this person die before me!)

    5. Hate watching people get so caught up in the narcissism on FB that they actually start believing their own BS and doing things like posting pictures of actresses as their own pics, bragging about how beautiful, smart, “with-it” etc., they think they are, and the greatest number of their “friends” being at least 30 years younger than them. Fifty-year-old women typically don’t look good wearing mini skirts.

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