Jake & Amir (from CollegeHumor) Interview!

I recently started watching Jake & Amir, a mini-series developed by those silly kids at CollegeHumor.com. The series is about two co-workers, played by Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld. Amir adores Jake and believes they are best friends (or “BBFs”, as Amir would say). Jake barely tolerates Amir. Haven’t seen any of the episodes? (What’s wrong with you??) Check out the video below. (It’s a little different than most of their videos, which take place in the office, but it’s one of my very favorites.)

I contacted Jake and Amir and did a little interview about the series and their online fame. Enjoy, y’all.

1) How did you guys become involved with CollegeHumor? What were you doing (job-wise) before CH?
We both started writing for the site while we were in college. Just submitting articles and stuff like that. Then when they were expanding we already had our feet in the door and were hired as writers. Amir’s a little older than me, so he’s been here longer. He started in 2005, me in 2006.

2) Where did the idea come from to start a mini series just about you two?
It kind of just came about naturally. We both got seated across from each other when we moved offices in 2007 and I got a camera that same summer. We started making goofy little videos during work, and that grew into Jake and Amir dot com.

3) You guys have done a couple CollegeHumor Live gigs. How different is that from being in front of a camera?
Sometimes it’s a little scary because if you mess up you can’t just do it over. And you can’t smooth over bumpy parts by editing them. But it’s also a rush to perform and it’s been really fun to meet all the people that like our series. So while it’s been different, and sometimes intimidating, it’s mostly been really awesome.

4) How often do you get recognized in the street? Any crazy fan/stalker stories you’d like to share?
Every once in a while. We don’t have any really crazy stories yet, but hopefully we’ll meet someone totally INSANE soon.

5) How have things changed for you and the rest of the CH folk since The CollegeHumor Show debuted?
We’re a lot more arrogant. Not really. Everything felt really fun and exciting while we were on TV. Everyone was just very excited to be a part of something like that. Now that the show has been off the air for a while we’re all kind of winding down and going back to business as usual. Fortunately for us business as usual is making silly videos around our office all day.

6) “Jake and Amir” has affected online pop culture how…?
Haha, that’s a flattering question. We have no idea.

7) Your favorite CollegeHumor prank up-to-date is…
For April Fool’s Day we signed our boss, who was on a 6 hour flight and had no idea, up for a Twitter account. We got over 1000 followers in a few hours and continually tweeted a bunch of really weird things. Culminating in a picture of his penis* and his phone number**.
*Not his actual penis
**Not his actual number, but a service that forwarded calls to it.

Check out these links for more Jake & Amir!


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  1. I’ll have to go check it out. Looks pretty good. Thanks

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