Summer Goals: Revisited

On May 2nd, I made a post titled Summer Goals, Yo. and listed all the things I plan to do this summer. May went by pretty quickly and we’re almost halfway through June (Sheesh, y’all!) so I thought I would revamp my goals list.

I will:

  1. Work on, finish and continue to regularly update my music website project thingy. Finish music website on or by July 1st.
  2. Study for and acquire my beginner’s drivers license [edit] before August 1 [/edit].
  3. Practice driving as much as I can.
  4. Not f*** up too much at my part-time job at the convenience store. Also, I will not buy a chocolate bar every day while working at the store… even though I work right in front of a wall of them and regularly find myself staring at them whenever the store is empty. *sigh* I seem to be doing much better at work this summer. Or, at least, I think so.
  5. Spend less time on Facebook, more time reading.
  6. Finish reading at least three two books.
  7. Work on my comedy novel [edit] and comedy fiction novel [/edit].
  8. Not ignore my numerous projects for The Sims or various Nintendo DS games. [edit] I’m working on this, honest. [/edit]
  9. Swim every chance I get. [edit] Because of pool-related technical difficulties, I haven’t been able to go swimming yet but I’m hoping the pool will be ready by July 1st. [/edit]
  10. Go on regular photography adventures and try to improve my photography and photo manipulation skills. [edit] Also working on this. [/edit]
  11. Start working on, continue working on and finish my NYC trip scrapbook. Do several pages of my NYC trip scrapbook. [edit] I’ve almost finished one page of my NYC scrapbook. So, I can’t see myself getting the whole thing done this summer. Poop. [/edit]
  12. Regularly update Kill Jill Goes To College (and these updates have to include helpful articles and not just me blabbing on about stuff in my own life). [edit] Frig. [/edit]

Well. That’s unfortunate.


One Response to “Summer Goals: Revisited”

  1. Setting goals for the summer usually doesn’t work out for me. I’m sure that it will be much harder now considering that this summer isn’t just a break but the beginning of my life in what just about everyone calls the “real world.” My primary goal is finding employment that allows me to save for moving out of state for better employment…lol But I’m also with you on reading more and spending MUCH LESS time on Facebook (the Internet altogether, really). And, of course, I’ve got numerous projects I should devote more time to. I never thought I’d say this, but procrastination and I aren’t as close friends as we once were. Ha.

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