High Speed Internet Is The Devil

As many of you know, I’m currently spending my summer in Nowhereville. We just got high-speed two days ago and, since that fateful day, I’ve gotten absolutely f***ing nothing done. Nothing.

Before two days ago, we had satellite Internet. YouTube videos would take a lot longer to load so I didn’t bother with it that much, except for videos I really, really, really wanted to see (eventually…) but now?

Now I can watch thousands upon millions of videos on YouTube and CollegeHumor, right after the other and watch back-dated episodes of The Colbert Report and bathe in the vast ocean that is nerd paradise.

I haven’t worked on my music website in days. My email went wonky so I’ve been on the phone to tech support guys (many of which didn’t speak great English) trying to get that worked out. (They made it worse, for the record, not better.)

So, now I’ve been watching videos featuring Arj Barker and Bo Burnham. But I have to stop. I HAVE TO STOP. I chose the deadline of July 1st for my website and I just don’t think it’s gonna happen now.

So, yeah. Thanks a lot High Speed Internet. Thanks for nothin’.

(Except for making everything faster. I do love being able to watch more than 2 videos in an hour. Yeah, that’s nice…)

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