Kill Jill’s Awesome Thing Of The Week: The “Jake & Amir” T-Shirt

I want one. And, yet, I don’t have one. Really, I should have one. I waste more time on than I care to admit. So, yeah. I should definitely have one. Wouldn’t you agree, Loyal Reader?


Sooooo, yeah. Loyal Reader, you have two options, at this point.

  1. Just go right ahead to the site and buy the shirt for me.
  2. Donate to the Buy Kill Jill A Jake & Amir T-Shirt Fund (via PayPal).

But for serious. If you’re considering doing either, you are the bestest person in the whole world and will be linked on Kill Jill fo’ life. Also, please email me (or leave a comment at this blog post and I’ll get back to you) before buying anything or sending any money. Please and thanks. But mostly thanks. Because you are beautiful- inside and out.

(If you’re not familiar with Jake and Amir, check out their wonderful, hilarious videos at Jake and and CollegeHumor.)


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