And the roomate is… (Version II)

3263025568_ee81dd924bI’ve been assigned to Roomie’s old room (which is a bit bigger) and I’ve decided to take it. Although, I think it’ll be weird staying in her old room… Weird… Also, Canning will be living next door so there will only be a wall between his kitchen and my bedroom. (Oy.)

Her name is Lauren. Today I found out that my future roommate is a first-year Culinary student (just like Roomie was), from a large city (just like Roomie was) and… more importantly… is the R.A. for our floor.


Not that I binge drink, do drugs or am violent… but I’m not sure how I feel about the notion of people knocking on our door all the time. Ugh. I’ll just let her get it. And if she’s not home… well, my door won’t be answered. OOH, WE CAN MAKE UP A SECRET KNOCK OR SOMETHING- FUN!!

(Even I’m not sure if that was sarcasm or not… Hmm…)

Also, I’m not sure if I can just quit calling my former roommate Roomie. I’m the only one who calls her that and it just became a habit. So, just so you guys don’t get confused, Roomie is still “the girl I lived with last year but is now living in an apartment”. Lauren is my current roommate. Get it?

So, I’ve been super busy and I still haven’t been updating regularly. Damn. But I got a new mp3 player, it’s wickedly bad-ass. I’m excited to try it out.

Anyway. Ryan Seacrest out. Or whatever.

(Photo by litlnemo.)


One Response to “And the roomate is… (Version II)”

  1. I find this quite odd that you were assigned roommates with the RA. Here at least, all RA’s have their own room and it’s always the same room and it’s one of the perks of being an RA.

    So that’s odd.

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