Westwood College: Helping You Build a Better Career

Thinking about going back to school to better your career? Check out this clever, funny video. (And even if you’re in college and doing fine, you should still watch the video. It’s pretty funny.)

I mean, really. Who wouldn’t want to be a “road kill detective”??

Westwood College is trying to get more people to like what they do. Heck, you might be in that career for a long time. So, you might as well like it. Westwood College offers 3-year programs in several different states and in programs in areas like technology, design, health care, business and more. Check out the Westwood College for more details.

2 Responses to “Westwood College: Helping You Build a Better Career”

  1. jason ward Says:

    I attended Westwood “College” for over 2 years. It’s a JOKE. The curriculum are haphazard, the teachers are so far removed from being Industry Professionals you’d never believe it (My Photoshop instructor’s qualifications were that he worked at KINKOS for fuck’s sake) and the prices are more expensive than ANY community college or state University ANYWHERE in this country.

    Additionally, “credits” earned at Westwood WILL NOT TRANSFER ANYWHERE.

    Save your money and go to a REAL college.

  2. After I posted some of these videos, I did find some less-than-complimentary stats on this institution.

    But what can I say? They gave me some cash to post some silly videos. I’m a poor college student and needed the money.

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