10 Tips For College Freshmen

(This is an excerpt from a recent post I did for the myUsearch blog. I thought some of my readers would enjoy it.)

Last week, our friends over at Unigo published a great back to school guide with a ton of tips for college freshman, including links and videos with helpful advice for those of you starting college for the first time. After checking this out, it made me wonder what tips I’d give to college freshman. As a wise old sophomore in college, I think it’s my duty to tell you a few things.

Courtesy of foundphotoslj.

Courtesy of foundphotoslj.

(Click here to see the rest of the article.)

3 Responses to “10 Tips For College Freshmen”

  1. That’s not very helpful. I think some of the points I bring up are a bit more realistic: http://bit.ly/sillyfreshman

  2. Well. That’s a bit rude of you to say. But I get your point- trying to advertise your satirical article. I get it. Very clever.

  3. This is a great BLOG site! Keep up the good work! I’ma student affairs professional of 15 years and the tips the article provides seem very relevant.

    Steve Young
    Spoof University

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