HP Giveaway Contest: Closed.

Thank you for all your entries to the HP laptop giveaway, here at Kill Jill. The contest is now closed. I have to go through over 100 entries before the end of the day. I’ll be announcing the winner of the giveaway here sometime this evening.

Thank you to all who entered.

(You can also check out the rest of the blogs doing the same giveaway here.)

2 Responses to “HP Giveaway Contest: Closed.”

  1. here are my three tips for freshman students:

    1)you do not have to bring electronic stuff (iron, boiler, TV!) if you are an international student because chances are it wont work anyways. (if u do just make sure the voltage is the same as that of the country u are going to. also mobile sets from ur homeland will be locked in most countries and wont work even if you change your Sim! so beware before you buy them…

    2)it is always nice to bring along things unique to your place, culture country. a national dress, or a statue of ur religious god, or perhaps a painting that resembles your town. (it could be a great gift to a teacher or friend!! n it will even help u when ur homesick :))

    3)be your self, dont let ur college life become a burden for you; rather just enjoy your work and assignments. meet more people, be more interactive and do play some sports!!! (well, it doest quite count as one advise)

    CAUTION: donot bring your X-box (especially with the big surround speakers) to your room at any cost. guaranteed quarell with ur cubemate along with other side effects.

    my fav college blog http://www.poorerthanyou.com

  2. Best of luck, everyone! 🙂

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