Things Kill Jill Has To Buy For School (Version III)

Photo by Doll Joints.

Photo by Doll Joints.

Back to City X: 15 days

School is coming up and soon! I have nine shifts left at the store then I’m back on campus on September 5th. To say “I’m a little excited.” is a tiny understatement. Jenn and I are practically counting down the seconds. I just wish Roomie and Caitlin and Canning were going to be there too- but they won’t get back from their internships until mid-October. Poopoo. I’m looking forward to meeting Lauren (my new roommate) though and getting back to my old routine. Good times.

I’m going shopping on Tuesday so I hope to pick up some of this stuff then.

  • step stool (’cause last year I was getting out of the shower and there was a knock at the door and I thought it was my friend Jenn… but it was actually my friend Canning. Woops… And hey! I had a towel on, don’t be gross.)
  • a new notebook (with coil binding that flips over the top, not to the side- cause journalists write a lot and need to turn pages faster than anybody else. Yeah.)
  • record player (because I’ve recently become a vinyl whore.) Got one! Ordered it online! It’s waiting for me at an electronic shop in City X!
  • speakers (for the aforementioned record player)
  • more plates (’cause I broke a bunch… in anger. Because I’m a badass.)
  • Ethernet cord (’cause my parents stole mine)
  • sticky tack (because tape and tacks aren’t allowed on dorm walls)
  • a little tool kit (because there just aren’t enough tools in my life)
  • a Fat Lil’ Notebook (because I always have one on my desk and go through one every few months)
  • mechanical pencils
  • a butt-load of pens
  • an eyelash curler (because these eyelashes are lovely and deserve some attention
  • hair mousse

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