5 Reasons Why Going Back To School Sucks

98688066_77354477acSo, this is my last day of freedom before getting back to class. I was super excited about getting back to school… Now I’ve realized I was just excited about getting back to City X. I’ve been here for a week and I’ve been busy- unpacking, working on my blogs, going to rock shows and spending time with pals.

And now I have to fit school into my schedule?! How in the heck am I going to do that?!

And, thus, here and ten reasons why going back to school sucks.

  1. Alarm clocks are the devil. Aren’t these things the worst?! Always waking you up during fantastic dreams and letting you know that you have to get up and, y’know, be not sleeping?! Ugh. Alarm clocks are horrible.
  2. The lack of free time. How dare school interrupt your social stuff? How dare it?! Stupid school stuff. I once read that you will learn more outside of class during college than in the classroom. (OK. Didn’t really read this. But I’m sure someone significant said it at one point in time. Probably.)
  3. Dealing with professors. Ugh, look at them in their silly tweed jacket. Who do they think they are anyway?! And who told them they were allowed to pick on you during class, especially when you have no clue what the answer was. Or even what the question was. Because you weren’t actually listening… Ugh. The nerve of those people!
  4. Dealing with classmates. Sure, you like some of them. Of course. But then there are also the ones who drive you nuts. Like What’s-His-Name in your Whatever 101 class. That guy is a certified idiot and a total d-bag. And how did he end up in more than one of your classes anyway? He’s likely stalking you. Oh, God. And what about What’s-Her-Name? Ugh, she’s horrible, isn’t she? Why do we, as a human race, have to deal with these people anyway? It’s. Not. Fair!
  5. Studying. It is almost 2010, for pete sake. There should be a Smart Pill*** or something by now, shouldn’t there?! A pill that you take before class so you retain everything the professor says during lectures and everything you read. Studying takes up way too much time- time that would be much better spent… I don’t know… watching CSI: Miami or playing World of Warcraft. Obviously.

(*** Don’t do drugs, kids. Even if your friends say it’s a Smart Pill. They’re probably lying. They just want to steal your liver and sell it on the black market. Probably.)

(Oh. And the above photo is by Kaptain Kabold. BTW.)

5 Responses to “5 Reasons Why Going Back To School Sucks”

  1. Hahaha, very true. However I’m going to disagree with the alarm clock bit — I actually get to sleep in later at school 😀
    damn summer job

  2. Is this for real? College kids have virtually zero responsibility! Waking up early? Anyone who has a job has to do that. Dealing with professors? Get ready to deal with bosses. Dealing with classmates? Ditto for co-workers. School stuff takes up social time? This one is laughable! College kids spend less than 20 hours per week in the classroom and there are almost no consequences for skipping class.

    Please tell me that this is just a piece of satire. If not, this author is in for a rude awakening if they ever want to do anything in life that isn’t “nothing.”

  3. Smith,
    First of all, thank you very much for the comment. I always appreciate the comments.
    With that being said, get a sense of humor, you troll. I take college very seriously. My course isn’t a walk in the park and I’m in class from 9 until 4, five days a week.
    Again, thanks for the interest in Kill Jill. Feel free to never comment again.

  4. I’ll give you my number 1 reason why going back to school is better than the real world: Expectations are defined. In the real world, nobody is going to tell you exactly what you need to know or do, you just have to wade into the waters and figure it out on your own. In school, you know exactly what is expected of you 100% of the time. Whether or not you choose to do the work is up to you, but generally there are no surprises.

    I love school and wish it never ended.

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