Pre-Internship Blab

Arrived today in Community X, a small college town in a state/province that I’ve never spent much time in. I start work at the town’s weekly paper tomorrow morning, bright and early. Yay internship.

Ugh. “Bright” and “early.” Those two words are never welcome when one’s just been on Christmas break. Erlack.

I was supposed to start working yesterday morning but bad weather delayed me by two days. I hope those two days aren’t held against me. Hmmm. I chose a weekly newspaper this year because I was at a daily newspaper and I was stressed out of my eyeballs. I’m hoping things are a little less hectic at this place.

But either way, I’ll let you know.

One Response to “Pre-Internship Blab”

  1. Kill Jill. Ha! I wish I could make my name sound so cool. Be thankful you have an internship! I’ve been applying left, right, and center for marketing internships but no news yet. I applied for an internship at L’oreal like 2 months ago and have heard nothing 😦 so I emailed them yesterday and asked what’s up. Good luck with your internship 🙂 I imagine a weekly paper will be significantly less stressful than a daily one. Make the best of it!

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