20 iPhone Apps for College Students

It’s not just a status symbol for college students, it’s also a useful tool for more than just communication and idle chitchat. The iPhone is now a standard accessory for most college-goers, and if you own one, there are a few must-have apps that should accessorize your phone.

Choosing apps for the iPhone is like asking a kid to choose from the hundreds of choices in a candy shop – you want them all, but you know you have to stick to a select few not just because of the cost but also because you don’t want to clutter your phone. So if you’re a college student with an iPhone, here’s a mix of useful and simply fun apps to load onto your sleek gadget:

Knowledge is power
1. Wiki Mobile: The Wikipedia site redesigned to snugly fit your iPhone – it’s great for a quick reference to facts and facilitates information on the go.
2. Dictionary.com: You don’t have to lug around a heavy dictionary or log onto your notebook computer to find the meanings of complicated words; with this app, you have access to both a dictionary and a thesaurus at your fingertip.
3. Big Words: If you’re looking for cheap textbooks, this is the app for you – use it to compare prices at stores around you and find the best bargain.
4. Snap Tell: This app makes it easy to find and compare book prices by just snapping a photo of the front cover with the title and author’s name. You save time and money on comparison shopping.
5. eTextbooks: If you can find your textbooks in the e-book format, you sure are lucky. Instead of lugging around heavy textbooks, just carry them on your iPhone with this app.
6. Math Ref Free: Your one-stop reference guide to all things related to mathematics when you’re a college student. Stay ahead…
7. iHomework: If you’re always in trouble over forgotten assignments and unable to manage your hectic schedule, this app helps you stay ahead of your homework and lessons.
8. MyGPA Calculator: A must-have for every serious college student – it allows you to keep track of your scores and calculates your GPA on a per semester and cumulative basis.
9. Instapaper Free: This free app allows you to save web pages offline – a great tool for when you don’t have time to read long articles and online study material. Just save your pages and read them whenever free.
10. Things: Whether you’re the typical forgetful nerd or just an average student pressed for time, this app helps you schedule your tasks and provides timely reminders as to where you need to go, when you need to go, and what you need to do.
11. Evernote: Makes note-taking ever so easy and interesting – this app helps you remember all those important hints your lecturer throws out in class; useful stuff during exam time.
12. Voice Memos: While I wouldn’t recommend using this as an excuse to sleep in class, it does come in handy when you’re tired and unable to concentrate – just record your lecture and play back when in the mood to study.
13. Mooch: An extremely useful app for the college student who has it all and does not like to lose what they have – Mooch lets you keep track of all those possessions (and money) that your roommates and dorm mates have borrowed from you so that you’re able to get them back easily.

Connect on the go
14. Free Wi-Fi Finder: If you don’t have a data plan or don’t want to pay for one, this tool is a must-have; it shows you where the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots are so you can hook up to the Internet and download whatever you need or just browse the web.
15. Google Mobile: You not only gain access to the Google search engine with this app, but also to all other Google products on the web, including maps, Gmail and Buzz.

Penny wise, pound wise:
16. Local Gas Prices: If you’re looking to save on gas prices, this is the app for you – it gives you updates on gas prices in the USA and Canada and shows you where and when gas is cheapest.
17. Pennies: A relatively simple budget app, this tool allows you to set a budget for a month (or any specified period of time), enter your expenditure, and keep track of what you have left every day. You can also track your long-term spending through Excel sheets that give you a month by month list and a program that tells you what items you’re spending the most money on.

Relax and rejuvenate
18. Eventful: Use this app to stay in touch with all that’s going on around you; get access to news of events around the campus or wherever you’re staying so your social life doesn’t suffer.
19. Urbanspoon: If you’re tired of on-campus food and menus, this app helps you find cozy places to eat close to your college that are not too expensive either.
20. Last.fm: Use this app to search for music on your iPhone and relax on a boring afternoon when you don’t really feel like studying.

This guest post is contributed by Anna Miller, who writes on the topic of online degrees. She welcomes your comments at her email id: anna.miller009@gmail.com

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(Photo by Jorge Quinteros.)

4 Responses to “20 iPhone Apps for College Students”

  1. This is an awesome post! Now only if I could afford to buy an Iphone…haha. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the post – found it ironic you mention evernote after i downloaded it onto my phone. why couldn’t this thing exist back when i started college??

  3. thanks for sharing the apps.

  4. Nancy Hartley Says:

    Hi, I will try these out. Thanks

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