Changing Colleges? Dos and Don’ts You Must Know

(This is a guest post by Abby Nelson.)

Applying to college as a high school student/graduate is one thing; trying to transfer from one college to another is entirely different. For one, your decision is taken in a shorter time period and is fraught with uncertainties; and for another, you need to find a college that not only suits your needs but which also accepts credits you have earned during the semester or two you spent in your current college.

It’s not an easy process and there are many factors to consider, so before you go ahead with the move, here are a few dos and don’ts to consider:


  • Ensure that you are choosing to transfer for the right reasons and based on extenuating circumstances – there’s no harm in moving to be closer to your significant other or in wanting to move back home and enroll at a local university; however, you need to be sure that this is what you really want and that you will not regret your decision anytime in the future.
  • Think if you will happier in the same college if you can change majors; there are times when this move could boost your satisfaction and prevent the need for a transfer.
  • Check if your new college will accept the credits you’ve earned here – you don’t want to spend more time, money and effort in taking the courses you’ve already completed.
  • Research the new school you wish to transfer to before you make your decision.
  • Wait patiently to hear from the schools you have applied to; don’t jump the gun and spread the word about your transfer before you’ve been accepted.
  • Try to adjust to your new college instead of finding fault with it too and wanting to transfer again – there are pros and cons to every college, so make the best of all that is available and shift your focus to your grades and lessons.


  • Quit college before you’ve secured admission at another school. If you do this, you’re likely to lose a semester or even a whole year in the process.
  • Spend too much money in effecting the transfer – it’s easier to grin and bear your current situation and hope that things change for the better rather than borrowing more money to transfer to another school and hoping your circumstances change.
  • Change colleges for someone else’s reasons – you may think that this is what you want too, but people change as the days go by and their circumstances change, and if you don’t focus on yourself, you’re never going to achieve satisfaction or happiness.
  • Stay back just because someone close to you asks you to – if you know you will be happy with the change, then do it for yourself. Your friend/significant other will be hurt and upset no doubt, but when your future is at stake, you must think of yourself first.

Changing colleges is not a decision to be taken lightly or in the span of a few days; think long and hard about it, and choose to do so only if the move is really justified and necessary.


This guest post is contributed by Abby Nelson, she writes on the topic of Masters degree in Counseling . She welcomes your comments at her email id: abby.85nelson<@>gmail<.>com.

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