Christmas Wallet Savers

About the only thing that ever loses weight at Christmas is our wallets. They just seem to go thinner and thinner as the weeks leading up to Christmas fly by. There are lots of things though that can be done to help take some of the crunch out of Christmas. Each on their own may not add up to much, but if you combine them all I bet you will have saved enough money to buy an extra gift or two.

Make sure you eat before you shop

It really is surprising at how many people tend to eat out when they are Christmas shopping. Often the reason for this is because they are away from home for many hours, and often have left home without eating. So if you are planning an early
morning shopping excursion then get up a bit earlier and have a hearty breakfast. You can bet it will hold you through those next several hours while you are shopping. This way you won’t lose precious shopping time by having to stop to eat, and you will have saved some substantial money as well.
If you are a night time shopper, then same thing, have an early dinner and a filling one,  but not one that is going to take a lot of clean up time.

Try walking to the mall
It is a natural tendency to drive the car to the mall especially when Christmas shopping. The driving around the mall parking lot however, can sure eat up a lot of gas. There are a couple of things that you can do here.
  1. You can walk to the mall if you have a pretty good idea that you aren’t going to have to carry too much.
  2. Park somewhere outside of the mall parking lot, perhaps down a side street. You are bound to find a parking spot here, as everyone clamors for the parking spots closest to the mall door.
Consider the options of gift wrapping
Do a little methodical thinking on this one. If you are shopping in a mall or store that offers free gift wrapping then go for it. The time and money you save is worth if. Even if there is a small charge give it some thought as well. If you have a large gift that has to be wrapped and you can get it done for $2, think about what it would cost you to buy the wrap, tape and bows just for that gift. You may be further ahead to take them up on their offer..

(This blog post was written by Lior who works for Storemed and also advises to an MBA abroad school.)

3 Responses to “Christmas Wallet Savers”

  1. Ellen Christine Smith Says:

    Hey – as a seasoned Christmas shopper – going on about forty years now, if you count childhood shopping! – I think your suggestions are GREAT! BUT – it’s not hard to tell you haven’t had a family yet and haven’t had to learn how to bo extremely frugal (Hey! I going by what you wrote here and keep in mind, this is just very much tongue in cheek…)…

    So, you might want to add these other tips:
    1) Good grief – NEVER!! spelt with a capital N – shop in the December before Christmas for Christmas gifts! ALWAYS!! spelt also with a capital first letter – start your Christmas shopping the January after Christmas BEFORE Christmas! You can still have that holiday feeling because it is wintry, but save a bundle! See, here’s the thing – Most people are so bloody busy trying to pay off the credit card debt and/or save for that winter trip down south that they don’t spend much more than they have to. Stores panic and to meet their sales quotes, put stuff on sale, drastically reducing prices. I filled up three Santa sacks one year in two post Christmas months of shopping on about $35 per sack (we’re talking garbage bag size cloth sacks here…)…and no, I did NOT get all junk (albeit there were a few rad things that the recipients kinda rolled their eyes upon opening)!!
    2) Repeat number 1, EVERY YEAR!!
    3) Give gift certificates galore! Get to know your recipients intimately (well now, not THAT intimately! Youse guys know what I mean, gosh golly…) and tailor your prepaid tickets to self spending appropo! Guaranteed to please all tastes, shapes and styles – especially women cause we all know how we wimmens loves ta shop!! hee hee
    4) OK, so you don’t know what to do with that strangely challenging person – see, this is the deal. Every year, my good ole Dad would say as he started to open up most every gift he had “Hey! It must be a can of beans!” and we would all laugh uproariously… SO ONE year, my big brother actually wrapped up a can of beans! And did it in style. Did the old box within the box within the box routine. Now THAT was style. Needless to say, DaddyO never pulled that one AGAIN! SO – you can see where I am heading here – gift with a sense of humour – especially for that challenging person, you can’t go wrong! and – you’ll probably save a bundle.

    OK kiddos that about “wraps it up”!
    Good gifting and remember – Jesus is the reason for the season!!!

  2. Thanks for the comment and extra tips, Ellen.
    Keep in mind, my blog is aimed at younger students who haven’t experienced life away from home before, let alone have families.
    Also, this was a guest post written by someone else for my blog.

    • Ellen Christine Smith Says:

      Cool! No probs, Jillie! I got it the first time around – just wanted to add some humour and a point of view from the other side of thirty! 🙂
      Keep up the writing – practive makes perfect!

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