Cast & Crew

So, this is the cast and crew of my life and my life as a college student. I’ll start the introductions.

Jill. This is me. Dur. I’m 22, I’m a Multimedia Design student and Journalism grad. I moved from a very small town to a small city, City X. I like long walks on beach, blogging, indie music, musicals and chocolate cheese cake. (Then again, who doesn’t like chocolate cheese cake?)

Mom. I’m pretty tight with my mom. We look a lot alike and she makes me laugh. She knows what I’m going to say, even before I think it. She looks at me funny every time I say the word “blog”.

Jaclyn. My best friend. Met that crazy kid in Journalism. Excellent taste in music. In fact, she introduced me to City X’s fantastic music scene. 🙂

Jenn. Sat beside Jenn in my first year of Journalism and became pals. Even though she decided to quit J-school and go into Marketing instead, we remained friends. In fact, she’s now one of my three roommates.

Charlsie. One of my bestest buddies from high school. Did one year of university in another city, didn’t like it there- so she and her “boyfriend thing” moved to City X! 😀

Claire. My other bestest buddy from high school. We both like British humor, British novels, British films… and British men. Claire is currently in university far, far away so I don’t get to see her much.

Amanda “Roomie” C. My roommate in my first year of college. Former Catholic school girl. First-year Culinary Arts student.

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  1. Hey There,

    Just wanted to let you know that CollegeCandy linked out to you today! You can see the post here:

    Your site is awesome, so keep it up.

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