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What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been

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Photo by Allyson Paynter

I started this blog in February 2008. I was taking the year off due to sickness. In my buckets of free time, I worked on this project, in hopes of making myself feel more prepared for college. I started college that September.

I’ve always referred to my college as College X, located in City X. Well, if you really want to know, I took Journalism at Holland College in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. At the end of the two year program, I knew I didn’t want to work in a newspaper office. News reporting is way too stressful for me and there were only a few times I actually cared about the subject matter of the story I was working so hard to get right.

So, I went back to school for one more year in September 2010 to take Interactive Multimedia, again at Holland College. My tiny class consisted of 7 students and one amazing instructor. It was one of the best, busiest years of my life. I graduated with an average of 91.5% and knew it was a better field for me almost immediately. Before graduation, I had my business registered. I am now a freelance web and graphic designer.

Hopefully some day I’ll have a studio outside of my apartment but for now, Athena Studios is a one-woman show with lots of stuff to do.

(The lovely photo above is me on the night of my graduation.)

So. What now? I think it’s time I stop blogging on Kill Jill Goes to College for good. Not that this blog has been alive for a long time. But I’m done with college. My life has changed so much since I started this blog. For one, I love color! I’m not a little emo kid anymore (although I still worship Death Cab For Cutie). I lived in a lovely old house for the first semester this year and was evicted (the owner sold the house 6 months into our lease). I moved into an apartment, believing it to be a temporary arrangement- and now, on Monday, I’m signing a lease on that apartment for a year. Yay!

Below are a few words of wisdom I learned, all on my own:

  • If your part-time job is effecting your school work and if you can at all afford to quit, let it go. It isn’t worth it.
  • Use your student ID to get discounts on as many things as you can, while you can.
  • Keep your friends from past years at school. There are reasons you became friends in the first place. Don’t forget about them, just because you don’t see them very often.
  • Start networking while you’re still in school. To be honest, I do most of my best networking on Twitter. And last, but not least…
  • Don’t let the idea of a long distance relationship scare you off. You might just miss out on something amazing. (That’s right, kids. Kill Jill found her Kill Jack.)
That’s all for me, ladies and gents. Always say please and thank-you, wash behind your ears and be kind to one another.
Kill Jill… out!

Yup, more excuses

Posted in Blog News on November 21, 2010 by Jill

Hi guys.

Before you say anything, this blog is close to being abandoned, pretty much. I posts guest posts when they come my way, but these things happen. I don’t really have time for friends often, let alone keep up with my blogging. School work keeps my super busy, as does my part-time job. I’m quitting the job right before Christmas so I can focus 100% on school during my second semester.

It’s strange to think this is my very last semester in college.

Well. Probably, anyway.

To be quite honest, I’m getting pretty tired of being a student. I’m 22. I’ll be 23 when I graduate in May. I’m ready to give adulthood a go. What exactly does that mean for your old pal Kill Jill?

Well, I hope to start a web design business, get an apartment by myself, start paying back my student loans (ugh) and make a go of it.

Anyway. It’s been a good run. I’ll try to post when I can, but I can’t make any promises.

Changing Colleges? Dos and Don’ts You Must Know

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(This is a guest post by Abby Nelson.)

Applying to college as a high school student/graduate is one thing; trying to transfer from one college to another is entirely different. For one, your decision is taken in a shorter time period and is fraught with uncertainties; and for another, you need to find a college that not only suits your needs but which also accepts credits you have earned during the semester or two you spent in your current college.

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$25 BJ’s Gift Card Giveaway

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Photo by mangee.

Kill Jill is on a tight schedule!

Between working part-time, doing homework and having classes, I literally have to pencil friends in for a week in advance. I’m not even joking. I tell ya, it makes it hard to have spontaneous fun with the pals.

Reply to this post with your best idea for time management for college students and you could win a $25 gift card from BJ’s Wholesale Club. (This contest is open to US residents or anyone with a BJ’s membership.) Make sure to leave your name and email address so I know how to contact you in case you win!

This contest will close in 2 weeks, on October 9th, late in the evening. I’ll likely choose a winner that night and email the winner. The winner will have to provide their mailing address so I can personally send you a little note, along with the $25 gift card.

And so, life continues.

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The Hit GirlsBad Reputation

Nothing like pretty much ignoring my blog all summer, huh?

But you could say I have my reasons. A full-time job. Living in City X. Hanging out with old friends and some new ones. Oh- and I sometimes sleep. And on special occasions, I eat.

So, on the left is me and Jacko (i.e. my partner and crime and husband, pretty much) at graduation. (I’m the one with the funky red hair. And shortness.) Glad to have grad behind me. But then I get to start a Multimedia coarse in the fall at College X. I’ll even be in the same building as where I took Journalism for two years. Cool, huh?

Check out my new site if you have a moment- history and hippie love abound.

Happy Holidays!

Posted in Blog News on December 17, 2009 by Jill

Even though I haven’t been around much in the past few months, I just wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy holidays!

This blog still means a lot to me but I just have to concentrate on school right now. I’ll be going home for Christmas break in a few days so I’ll try to put together some sort of blog post then.

Thanks guys. I adore you all!


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So, yeah. School and life have both decided to kick my ass to the curb, as of late, and I’ve been ignoring this blog hardcore. And I feel really bad whenever I go to update another blog and I think, “Bummer. I haven’t updated Kill Jill in forever…”

I certainly hope to continue blogging on KJ when more time becomes available.

But for right now, I just don’t have the time for it. So… see ya later?