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And so, life continues.

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The Hit GirlsBad Reputation

Nothing like pretty much ignoring my blog all summer, huh?

But you could say I have my reasons. A full-time job. Living in City X. Hanging out with old friends and some new ones. Oh- and I sometimes sleep. And on special occasions, I eat.

So, on the left is me and Jacko (i.e. my partner and crime and husband, pretty much) at graduation. (I’m the one with the funky red hair. And shortness.) Glad to have grad behind me. But then I get to start a Multimedia coarse in the fall at College X. I’ll even be in the same building as where I took Journalism for two years. Cool, huh?

Check out my new site if you have a moment- history and hippie love abound.

How To Spot a College Student

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Photo by Robert S. Donovan

Photo by Robert S. Donovan

You’re sitting in a hospital emergency room, waiting to see a doctor about that furry lump growing on your foot. You’ve already read all the magazines (twice) and there’s no TV. You look around at the other patients around you. Your first thought, besides “Is the ’sleeping’ man beside me actually dead?”, is obviously “I wonder if there are any college students here.” Here are some tips for picking a college student out of a crowd.

  1. The college hoodie. Look around for a college emblem. That’s usually the first give-away. This hoodie will also likely be stained because most college students own no clothing besides their college hoodie. They sleep in it. They go to class in it. They drink in it. They puke in (on) it.
  2. Sweatpants. If there are no college hoodies in sight, look for a college-age person in sweat pants. They would probably be wearing jeans but the food at the cafeteria is so good and “I’m paying a lot of money for it anyway so I might as well eat all I want!” and now their jeans have all shrunk. (Stupid magical shrinking jeans!)
  3. Catching some Z’s. If the clothes aren’t a dead giveaway, the droopy eyelids should be. This is sometimes accompanied by earphones on the head of the aforementioned snoozer.
  4. Socks. Of course they’re wearing sneakers. This is an obvious one. Mismatched socks give you five points. Ten points if the kid isn’t wearing any socks. (Doing laundry is uber-lame.)
  5. Did you say “free”?! Nobody loves free food more than a starving, broke student. I once saw a freshman wrestling with a homeless guy for a package of Mr. Noodles. (***) Go to the nearest vending machine, purchase a chocolate bar and then ask if anybody wants it. Before the words are even out of your mouth, that person you thought might be a college student will be shoving that Snickers down their gullet.

And there you have it. Tips for spotting a college student. Have fun! Feel free to comment and add your own tips for this ever-amusing game!

(*** OK. Didn’t actually see a freshman wrestling with a homeless guy. But I think it would have been a little funny to see a homeless guy giving a freshman an unexpected elbow-drop to the face. Yes, no?)

Internship Diary: Prologue

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Photo by moriza.

Photo by moriza.

Well, all my stuff is unpacked, finally. I feel like the last two days have been nothing but packing my life into boxes and then unpacking those boxes and putting my life into other, slightly smaller boxes.

I just want to take a nap. That’s all I’ve ever wanted, really.

But if I take a nap now (now being 7:30 pm), I’ll never get to sleep. I’m setting my alarm for 6:30 am and putting the alarm on my desk so I’ll actually have to get out of bed to turn the thing off (rather than hitting the snooze button in my sleep). I’ll start setting it to 7 am or even 7:30 am starting Tuesday- depends on the new schedule and routine.

The bed & breakfast I’m staying at offers a breakfast dealio, too, so I’m doing that around 8 am. I don’t usually eat breakfast but I’m paying for it so I might as well take advantage of it. I don’t think I could handle a big ol’ pile o’ flapjacks (Five points to anyone who knows what I just referenced there!) first thing in the morning without vomiting all over the breakfast table. And I’m eating with the couple who owns this place. And their 5-year-old. And their dog. So yeah. Awkward.

(Stupid WordPress. Added the header photo to my gallery. Woops. Just ignore that last one, k?)

But the bed & breakfast is gorgeous. (Above are some photos from my private area of the B&B. I also have my own bathroom) And it’s only about half a block from the newsroom. I have a dozen (or so) friends who still live here in Town X so I’m pretty stoked about seeing them all and catching up on all the news. Feels weird to be back here though.

So, yeah. Tomorrow is The Big Day. Wish me luck! (DO IT.)

What does your desk say about you?

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In my dorm room, my desk is a mess. Like, it’s bad. It’s got a pencil jar, a Wizard of Oz music box, an assortment of CDs and blank DVDs, some cash, a photo of Claire and I, random receipts and my Dwight Scrute bobble head. And, of course, Cherry Bomb (my red laptop).

At school, my desk is a little more neat. Well. Kinda. Just don’t look in either of the drawers.

My school desk top.

My school desk top.

I believe that a person’s desk says a lot about them. I took this photo this morning and it’s a pretty good example of what I’m talking about.

  1. My screen is showing my Facebook profile page, which I think shows a lot for my work ethic and ability for concentration in class.
  2. Beside my monitor is my pink mp3 player. (I desperately need a new mp3 player. I’ve had that one for ages. Plus, y’know… it’s pink.) I like my music close at hand at all times. (Wanna hear some new music? Check out the new feature, Music = Life.)
  3. Stuck to my monitor is a Post It that says “Right” which is from an inside joke from someone in my class.
  4. The pink-haired droll is named Edward the Cross-Dressing Troll. Jaclyn came into class one day with a bag of trolls and gave each of her pals one. Why? Well… you’d just have to know her.
  5. I also have several toys from Wizard of Oz that McDonald’s was offering with Kid’s Meals for a while. I also got these from Jaclyn. I guess they were just hiding in the back of her closet for a long time and she knew I was an Oz fan so she gave them to me. And now they keep me company as I’m procrastinating working in class. I think this shows that I’m not a particularly serious person… but Jaclyn found the figures super creepy and passed them off to me. So, I’m not sure what that says about me but whatever…

So, readers. What does your desk (home/school/office/other) say about you?

You know you had a good evening when you wake up with “Paid” on your wrist.

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My new baby!

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No, kids. Don’t worry. I don’t have a kid, nor do I plan to have any until I adopt at the age of 35+. I’m talking about my new tattoo. But like a new mom, I plan to show off my new baby. The following photos were taken by my friend Jenn- bow down before her and her beautiful camera.

Maybe when the new addition to my collection is good and healed, I’ll get Jenn to take a few more and I’ll post them on here.

Speaking of Jenn, I have a wonderful announcement to make: I’m going to New York City! We’re heading down by bus on December 28th, spending a couple days in the city, going to Times Square for New Year’s Eve and heading back to City X on January 2nd. I’m so excited!! I’ve never been to NYC, nor did I ever think I would ever get to go there. Come to think of it, I’ve gotten the opportunity to see some amazing places in my life- but NYC was missing from that list, so it’s only right that I get to go there too.

Feel free to post messages of your jealousy. 😉

College Photos: Dorm kitchen & sneaky sign

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I guess my roommate had some friends over while I was seeing a band play at a bar. I couldn’t fit the huge-ass pizza box into the photo, but this is what my kitchen counter looked like this morning.

Oh my.

Oh my.

This photo isn’t really related to the above one, but I found it amusing. I took this one the other day while getting photos for Journalism class. I love that the church is “Anglican”– like it’s not really Anglican but they’re pretending it is. I dunno, I found it funny.

Sneaky, sneaky.

Sneaky, sneaky.