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Kill Jill’s Resolutions For 2010 (Part II)

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I was working on my final project for the semester last night (a wretched Flash website which is likely going to go down in history as one of the worst things I’ve ever made, but anyway) and I developed a huge headache. So I took some pills, put a cold cloth on my head and went to bed around 10pm.

For me, going to bed early = waking up early. In this case, 5am. And I could not get back to sleep. Too much stuff going on in my head. I was thinking about how fast this semester went by, how my Flash project is kind of a disaster, how I have two shifts left of my part-time job (hell yeah!) and how I have to pack my stuff up and move, like, three days after Christmas.

Oh yeah. Another update for y’all. Our landlords sold our house six months into our one-year lease. Merry Christmas to us! So, we all had to find new places to live. My friend Jenn, who I met in my first year of college, is going to be living way uptown while I’ll still be downtown. Makes me quite sad, I gotta say. But I’ve found a place literally five houses down from mine- a 6-month subletting dealio– with a nice gal who works a lot. After that, I hope to get a place with my pal Charlsie (best friend from high school who is now a university student in City X).

Anyhoo. Not the point of this post, at all. Getting up before 7:30 makes me ramble, apparently.

I was browsing my old blog posts on here and I came across this one: Kill Jill’s Resolutions For 2010. I wrote a list of goals, included here:

  1. No chips. I actually gave up eating chips this summer. I’d just like to continue this goal.
  2. Continue not smoking. I don’t smoke. Never have. I’d like to continue not smoking in 2010.
  3. Impress people. I want to do well in my second newsroom internship, which starts on Monday. (Yikes.)
  4. Avoid a full hard-drive. I have to stop downloading legally acquiring new TV shows and movies before watching the old ones I haven’t gotten around to watching yet.
  5. Avoid relying on credit card too much. This speaks for itself.

How did I do? Let’s see.

  1. I rarely eat chips. (I prefer popcorn anyway.)
  2. I still don’t smoke. (Holla!)
  3. I did do well on my second Journalism internship. I got one helluva recommendation letter from the editor, too. Hells yeah.
  4. As for #4, it’s still an issue I’m dealing with. But to help battle it, I just bought another computer! Hey-o!
  5. I still use my credit card, but I always pay it off within the month.

So, all in all, not a bad year, goal-wise. But what about the news?

  1. Canada won two gold medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. And Sidney Crosby got even hotter.
  2. Tiger Woods and his golf club got into a bit of trouble. (Amirite?!)
  3. Huge volcano thingy in Iceland went off. The sky was black with ash for days. More concern about stranded tourists in Europe than the ecosystem of Iceland.
  4. Paparazzi suddenly become interested in Sandra Bullock.
  5. The Social Network came out. That movie is awesome.
  6. WikiLeaks got their hands on a young girl’s secret diary and posted lots of nasty comments made by the other girls at school. Or something.

I’ll likely make up a list of goals for 2011 soon and post them. Yeah, I can do that.

So. What do you think was the top event of 2010?

Journalism = Accomplished

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After two years of finding sources, doing interviews, writing news stories, two newspaper internships, a math class, a history class, a science class, a media history class, a politics class, a law class… and meeting some of the most amazing people in the world, I’m done Journalism at College X.

I’m actually done.

It feels weird, I have to admit. I finished my last assignment yesterday and got my final marks back (79% in one thing, 86% in the other, for anybody keeping track) and cleaned out my desk. Instructor B stopped me on my way out.

“Are you done?”

And with tears in my eyes,  I left the classroom I’ve been in for two years.

But the thing is, my college career isn’t yet finished. I’ve been accepted into another program at College X for the September 2010 intake. I’ll be taking a Multimedia course, updating my web skills and pwning n00bs in the process. 🙂

I’ll also be moving into an apartment (well, kind of- a house with three other people) on June 1st and spending my first summer away from home for the first time ever. Daunting, but exciting.

(Photo by cole24.)

Post-Internship Blab

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So. There you have it. My four weeks of my second news office internship are officially over. I’m sitting on my bed, listening to some old-school Coldplay, replaying the experience in my head.

And, in addition, I turn 22 tomorrow.

Overall, it was a very positive experience. Everyone I talked to in Community X was suspiciously pleasant and willing to help me out. My co-workers were all very nice. I can see myself missing them sooner, rather than later. (But I can’t miss them too soon, because I’m dropping in tomorrow to pick up a few copies of this week’s newspaper.)

I learned several things while on this internship. Here are a few:

  • French vanilla cappuccino is delicious. In fact, I think I’ve become an addict since my editor bought me one nearly every day.
  • Any newspaper that will allow an intern to write a weekly column is either awesome or very stupid. Maybe both. But I enjoyed having that opportunity anyway.
  • Covering the death of a 20-something-year-old is really tough. Having a friend who knows the victim makes it much, much harder. Above is a photo from that event.
  • On the other hand, talking to a police officer about a non-fatal hit-and-run first thing in the morning is a piece of cake after you’ve done a story about someone who died.
  • Weekly newspapers are awesome. They allow for flexibility and more creativity in the actual writing process. I really enjoyed having that freedom. (Now. If only more weekly newspapers would move to City X. Then we’d be all set.)
  • Weekly newspapers are very different from a daily. I only felt stressed once in four weeks- and that’s only because I scheduled my interviews too close together, all in one. Stupid me.
  • One must always double-check the spelling of a name. This seems like it would be obvious. Mostly because it is. I’d never done that before last week. But the world didn’t end. I sent him an apology email before I got a chance to read the article. Thankfully, he was a sweetheart. I realize some people would’ve been an a-hole about it, but not this guy. Phew.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. I rushed to an interview one morning. I didn’t realize our meeting place was at the top of a hill. I was literally dripping in sweat while doing an interview. And, of course, he was fairly hot. (Dammit.)
  • I could never work in a town where I didn’t have any friends. Socially, I’m fairly odd. I don’t know how to meet people outside of work and school. I met up with a couple of friends from high school while in Community X but, generally, I was lonely for four weeks. I felt like I was missing so much, back in City X. My friends always sound like they were having so much fun together, without me.

But I’ll be back in City X on Saturday and I’m having a combination birthday thing with some friends that night. We’re all suiting up. Should be a laugh.

In other news…

  • We have a new puppy! 😀 Her name is Jessie and she’s about 12 weeks old. She’s a feisty monster who likes to chew on my hair, nose, ears, fingers and toes- but I love her to pieces.
  • Jenn has found us a house to rent for the summer and the following school year. It’s gorgeous! And the rent is very reasonable. And that means I’ll be staying in City X for the summer for the first time, having a full-time job for the first time (excluding unpaid internships) and having my first rent-type situation. (I’m really looking forward to moving out of Residence X though.) So, that should lead to some adventures, problems… and plenty of blog post material.

See? Kill Jill will live on. Go figure.


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I took a 3-day trip to City X with Jenn, got back yesterday. It’s a very touristy town so there were lots of things for us to check out. (And by “things”, I mean “pubs” and by “check out”, I mean “drink at”.) Also, Jenn and I discussed moving in together next year (as in, after this school year) and I think we’re going to do it. She’s swell. And I’m turning 22 this year so I think I’m a little old to be living in a dorm again. I’m really looking forward to getting back to class. I need my old routine back.

With that being said, here’s the newest video from our friends at Westwood College.

Kill Jill: Apartment Hunter?

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Relient K – I Hate Christmas Parties

Today, for the first time, I seriously considered getting an apartment for next year. I had previously planned to just live in Residence X next year but due to unforeseen circumstances (that is, me running out of money sooner than planned), I’ve been paying more attention to my finances and planning out some stuff for the future. That is, the future that is next year.

Photo by djwudi.

Photo by djwudi.

For this year, living in Residence X was the best decision for my situation. I moved in early September and will be moving out in mid-to-late-March-ish. So, I’ll be spending most of the school year here before heading off to God-Knows-Where-Ville for my mandatory on-the-job training. (Wow. Let’s see how many hyphenated words I can use in this paragraph, shall we?)

But for next year, I’ll only be in City X from September to January and then going to my second on-the-job training session at the beginning of the New Year. And, hopefully, I’ll be offered a job somewhere and I’ll go back to City X for graduation in June. And that’s that. If I had the choice, I’d stay in City X for a while, at least a couple more years. I like it here… well… mostly. Apparently City X is a bit colder than my former place of residence, and I hate the cold. But I’d deal with it if it meant staying here.

Anyway, I’ll only be in City X for four months and Residence X doesn’t offer a semester-to-semester lease so I’d be paying to live there for eight months instead of four. And I’m not down with that, as the moment. Someone from my Journalism class was looking for an apartment so Jenn started looking it up online (yes, instead of doing work…) and ended up searching out two-bedroom apartments to look at for her and her current roommate (and our pal), Caitlin. Then she mentioned getting a three-bedroom apartment with Caitlin… and moi. Although I’m a little hesitant about living with a friend and putting the friendship at risk, Jenn and I have always been very honest with one another from Day 1.

Plus, Caitlin and Jenn like to clean. I hate cleaning. So, that’s always a plus.

Here are some requirements that we’re looking for in (hopefully) a home for next year:

  1. $1500 per month (including utilities)
  2. located downtown and somewhere between our campus and Caitlin‘s campus
  3. furnished
  4. 3 bedrooms
  5. full kitchen
  6. living room
  7. laundry facility
  8. cable and high speed access
  9. 1 full bath (2 would be better, but I realize this is a dream)
  10. Preferably, not located in Crack Whore Alley (or the adjacent streets, Skinhead Row and Drug Den Boulevard).

(Please note that City X does not include streets with the above names. It does, however, include some streets that would generally be considered “quite sketchy” and my friends and I try to avoid them.)

But anyroad. I have time to think it over and discuss it further with the girls but I’m thinking that I’d like to go for it. I mean, I’m gonna be 21 next year. And there will be another pack of 18-year-olds moving into the building. Do I really want to cope with that? I did the dorm thing this year and I’m still glad I did. But I think I’ll be ready to be a grown-up and have an apartment next year.

SO. If anyone has any experience in the field of apartment-hunting, apartment-buying and/or apartment-living, I’d be glad to hear any comments and/or suggestions.