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Things Kill Jill Has To Buy For School (Version II)

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Photo by betolung.

Photo by betolung.

Back to City X: 25 days

  • step stool (’cause last year I was getting out of the shower and there was a knock at the door and I thought it was my friend Jenn… but it was actually my friend Canning. Woops… And hey! I had a towel on, don’t be gross.)
  • a new notebook (with coil binding that flips over the top, not to the side- cause journalists write a lot and need to turn pages faster than anybody else. Yeah.)
  • record player (because I’ve recently become a vinyl whore.)
  • speakers (for the aforementioned record player)
  • more plates (’cause I broke a bunch… in anger. Because I’m a badass.)
  • Ethernet cord (’cause my parents stole mine)
  • sticky tack (because tape and tacks aren’t allowed on dorm walls)
  • a little tool kit (because there just aren’t enough tools in my life)
  • a Fat Lil’ Notebook (because I always have one on my desk and go through one every few months)
  • mechanical pencils
  • a butt-load of pens

Eight Things I Miss About College

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No Doubt Stand and Deliver

  1. My dorm roommate. She’s not going to be living on campus next year but she plans to live close by. Good. ‘Cause I have a feeling my new roommate isn’t going to just make me chocolate chip brownies whenever I’m feeling blue. Like Roomie did for me this year. (I know, right? Aww.)
  2. Classes. That’s right, I said it. I actually miss learning stuff. Go figure.
  3. My instructors. I saw those guys – the Teddy Bear and the Cactus, as I call them – every day for nearly eight months. I miss the former’s sensitive encouragement and the latter’s sarcastic humor.
  4. My classmates. Well, a couple of them. The ones I talked to regularly, anyway.
  5. My dorm family. This consists of Jenn, Roomie, Caitlin and Canning. You get comfortable with a group of people and then leave them for 4 months. It’s weird.
  6. Drinking. I know, that sounds horrible. But if anything good would happen at college (the end of exams, Christmas, birthdays, Tuesdays), we’d all got out for cuatros margaritas at our favorite downtown restaurant. I miss the laughter that goes along with drinking, not the liquor itself.
  7. City X. Gahd, I miss that town. I miss the music scene. I miss the old buildings. I miss the restaurants. I miss the one-way streets. I miss the culture. I miss the unreasonably high ratio of hipster kids to white gangsters. *le sigh*
  8. Ordering in. As you might guess, Nowhereville doesn’t have an East Side Mario’s. So, I can’t just call them up and have them bring me my favorite meal. Dammit.

(Image by Mel B.)

*sigh of relief*

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♫ The JamThat’s Entertainment

Phew! Classes are done and I’m off for a week before I start my 4-week internship at a daily newspaper in the small town I attended high school in. I’m not excited about the internship either. I’m actually dreading it, to be honest.

Photo by maveric2003.

Photo by maveric2003.

But I’ll worry about that next Monday when I start. For now, I get to bask in the glory that is a week of nothing but late nights, waking up at noon, a dorm all to myself (as Roomie has gone back home for the week) and goofing off with Jaclyn. I expect there to be some drinking in there as well. I also have to do a butt-load of writing, cleaning and packing to do this week as well.

Anyway! I’m proud to announce that I passed both of my exams, Law and Politics. *bows in response to wild applause* Thank you, thank you so much. I got a 77% on Politics and 81% on Law. (Shocking, I know.) I’m so glad they’re done. I’m also hoping I won’t be assigned to do a court story or anything to do with politics because after I finished that exam, it completely left my head. Seriously. I don’t think I could remember any of it if I tried.

I know I’ve been slacking off a lot lately. I’m not stupid. I’ve been able to keep doing my Kill Jill’s Awesome Thing Of The Week but that takes about 5 minutes in total to prepare. But give me a little credit- I go to school 9-4(ish), then I work on any blog assignments I have from the half dozen websites I’m writing for now and then I hang out with my friends. I didn’t get to have much of a social life in high school because I lived way out in the boondocks so I’m making up for lost time.

But I have all week to myself (practically) so I’ll try to post a couple entries in there. I’m not sure how much take-home work I’ll be doing during my internship. Maybe none at all, who knows. But I’ll do what I can during that time. And then I’m back in City X for about a week. And then I’m back to the boondocks and back to the convenience store I worked at last summer.

Is it too early to start counting down the days to September?

Kill Jill: Too Immature For Serious Journalism?

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Am I too immature for serious journalism? I’d say almost certainly yes. I’ve never wanted to be a serious journalist. But I’ve learned that sometimes, the word journalist is French (or some other weird language) for detective. I don’t want to be a detective. If I wanted to be a detective, I would have spent a lot more time on my Harriet The Spy phase as a little kid.

Photo by Summer Luu.

Photo by Summer Luu.

(Not even joking. I did, in fact, go through a Harriet The Spy phase. Everything was fine… until my friends found my notebook and read some not-so-nice things that I wrote about them… But I digress.)

So, why would I want to even be a journalist then? So I can talk to famous people (and people more interesting than myself), write about it and then be able to say that I’ve met someone famous. Simple as that.

But yesterday morning, I was sitting in class with Jaclyn. The class was asked to think of professional adjectives that we could use on a résumé. I’m assuming we were supposed to think of phrases like “hard-working” and “team player”. But not me.

I’m trying to get all my need for humor and sarcasm out in the form of a comedy book I’m writing when I have a free minute- but it’s difficult to suppress one’s sense of humor when it’s as finely-tuned as mine. (See? Sarcasm. It’s everywhere. Like Herpes.)

Anyway, Jaclyn (who is about as mature as I am) and I kept whispering phrases to each other instead of suggesting serious phrases to the group. Our “professional adjectives” were more like the following:

  • consistently consistent
  • consistently lazy
  • modest about my genius writing and reporting talents
  • dynamic (but in an old-fashioned sort of way)
  • trend-setting
  • aggressive (muthafu**a!!)
  • professional (tee hee hee)
  • hilaaaaaaarious

So, I took a couple quizzes online and here’s what they had to say.

  1. This quiz said I’m acceptable. “You are getting the idea!”
  2. This quiz said, “Ooh. You still have some time to go before one can call you a mature person.”
  3. This quiz said, “You act like you are 19 years old.” (I guess that’s not so bad…)

One exam down, one to go.

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♫ Arctic MonkeysI Bet You Look Good

So, I wrote my evil, dreaded Law exam today. SO glad that’s over with. Last night I was really freaking out because I was almost sure I would sit down and just fail the thing. But you know what? I don’t want to jump to conclusions but I’m pretty sure I passed the thing. I know a lost of a load of points on the courts charts but gained a lot on the definitions and libel case studies. Thank g-dawg.

Tomorrow is Politics. Egad. Gotta go study with Jenn tonight, methinks. She and I have been so busy doing the paper since early last week and we finally finished it this afternoon. SO happy it’s done. Frig. Stressful job, tha’is.

So, everyone should go visit this new college site, Dorms 101. It’s pretty freakin’ cool. Just sayin’.


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There is actually a possibility I might fail my Law exam on Tuesday.

Shit, son.

I have Politics on Wednesday. I’m probably a lot more ready for that. There’s just so much stuff to know for the Law exam. Like, charts and stuff and big words (like defamation and libel) (Well, I guess “libel” isn’t really a big word at all, but I digress).

I’m gonna go study now.

Also, I’ve found that texting is a very distracting little activity. Crap.

Kill Jill’s Birthday Bash Bonanza!

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Holy crap on a cracker! It’s the last day of January! Yikes! I have only six more weeks of school before Spring Break. And then from there, I head straight to my on-the-job training. Although it hasn’t been confirmed yet, I pretty much already know where I’ll be going for it- the office of a daily newspaper located in the town I went to high school in. I know the area, I still have a few friends there and my brother lives there. I’m not staying with him (for various reasons I’d rather not list here) but I’ve reserved a room at a bed & breakfast practically on the same street as the news office. And the price is pretty reasonable.

Photo by alist.

Photo by alist.

But I’m a little freaked out how quickly the school year is winding down. Like, it’s a bit surreal. I have my Math exam sometime in February and that terrifies me. It’s not that the Math itself is difficult… it’s just that I’m pretty much “special” when it comes to numbers. I’m good with words, not numbers. But the Math we’re learning to do is mostly deal with statistics, percentages, populations, etc.- i.e. stuff we’d have to know on the job.

I also have exams in Politics (ew.) and Law (which seems like really heavy stuff to me) but those aren’t until mid-March. The Politics exam shouldn’t be too bad, it’s mostly history anyway, which I’ve always kind of enjoyed. And Instructor B has made the history actually interesting, which is entirely shocking. But the Law exam sounds like a toughie. Oy.

* * * * *

So, last night was the beginning of my five-day Birthday Bash Bonanza. My actual birthday isn’t until Tuesday but what birthday-type fun can a college girl have on a Tuesday?! Honestly!

Jenn, Jaclyn and I went to Boston Pizza for drinks. I’d never been there before so Jaclyn just ordered me an apple martini and I got giggly from just that one drink. It was actually kind of pathetic on my part. :\ Then the waitress gave me a brownie and ice cream thing for free, since it was my birthday (not really my birthday but she didn’t know that). That was pretty tasty.

Photo by jk5854.

Photo by jk5854.

Then we dropped Jenn off at Residence X and Jaclyn and I headed to a bar on the other side of town. Neither of us had ever been to this place, mostly because we’d heard it was very sketchy. “It feels like a fight could break out any minute.” is the phrase Jaclyn‘s older brother used. Well, it wasn’t too bad, really. There were some shifty characters inside but a bunch of people we know were there already and we’re friends with the band that was headlining and they always play really fun music.

So, I went to sleep around 3 AM and woke up around 11 this morning. Good times.

As for tonight’s agenda, we’re (Jenn, Roomie and Canning) going to my favorite Italian-American cuisine restaurant for supper and then we’re off to a dinner & drinking place downtown- “the best margaritas in town” (and meeting Jaclyn there). Should be a blasty-blast. The plan, my friends tell me, is to get me very, very drunk and roll me back to Residence X.

Well. We’ll see. 😉