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Kill Jill’s Resolutions For 2010 (Part II)

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I was working on my final project for the semester last night (a wretched Flash website which is likely going to go down in history as one of the worst things I’ve ever made, but anyway) and I developed a huge headache. So I took some pills, put a cold cloth on my head and went to bed around 10pm.

For me, going to bed early = waking up early. In this case, 5am. And I could not get back to sleep. Too much stuff going on in my head. I was thinking about how fast this semester went by, how my Flash project is kind of a disaster, how I have two shifts left of my part-time job (hell yeah!) and how I have to pack my stuff up and move, like, three days after Christmas.

Oh yeah. Another update for y’all. Our landlords sold our house six months into our one-year lease. Merry Christmas to us! So, we all had to find new places to live. My friend Jenn, who I met in my first year of college, is going to be living way uptown while I’ll still be downtown. Makes me quite sad, I gotta say. But I’ve found a place literally five houses down from mine- a 6-month subletting dealio– with a nice gal who works a lot. After that, I hope to get a place with my pal Charlsie (best friend from high school who is now a university student in City X).

Anyhoo. Not the point of this post, at all. Getting up before 7:30 makes me ramble, apparently.

I was browsing my old blog posts on here and I came across this one: Kill Jill’s Resolutions For 2010. I wrote a list of goals, included here:

  1. No chips. I actually gave up eating chips this summer. I’d just like to continue this goal.
  2. Continue not smoking. I don’t smoke. Never have. I’d like to continue not smoking in 2010.
  3. Impress people. I want to do well in my second newsroom internship, which starts on Monday. (Yikes.)
  4. Avoid a full hard-drive. I have to stop downloading legally acquiring new TV shows and movies before watching the old ones I haven’t gotten around to watching yet.
  5. Avoid relying on credit card too much. This speaks for itself.

How did I do? Let’s see.

  1. I rarely eat chips. (I prefer popcorn anyway.)
  2. I still don’t smoke. (Holla!)
  3. I did do well on my second Journalism internship. I got one helluva recommendation letter from the editor, too. Hells yeah.
  4. As for #4, it’s still an issue I’m dealing with. But to help battle it, I just bought another computer! Hey-o!
  5. I still use my credit card, but I always pay it off within the month.

So, all in all, not a bad year, goal-wise. But what about the news?

  1. Canada won two gold medals at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. And Sidney Crosby got even hotter.
  2. Tiger Woods and his golf club got into a bit of trouble. (Amirite?!)
  3. Huge volcano thingy in Iceland went off. The sky was black with ash for days. More concern about stranded tourists in Europe than the ecosystem of Iceland.
  4. Paparazzi suddenly become interested in Sandra Bullock.
  5. The Social Network came out. That movie is awesome.
  6. WikiLeaks got their hands on a young girl’s secret diary and posted lots of nasty comments made by the other girls at school. Or something.

I’ll likely make up a list of goals for 2011 soon and post them. Yeah, I can do that.

So. What do you think was the top event of 2010?

Class is in session

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Oh, crap.

I thought after Internship II, school would be a freaking cake walk. I thought wrong.

It’s going to be stressful. And difficult. And annoying.

I don’t even have any interesting classes to go to. And by that, I mean I don’t have any classes. I’m just doing two large magazine article-size stories (which I like doing but they take up a lot of time) and a butt-load of lame stories. I have to cover court a couple times and do a sports story and do some municipal and federal-type stories. Yuck, gross, vomit.

And that’s why I’m awake right now, writing this at 2am. Because I am freaking out.

Post-Internship Blab

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So. There you have it. My four weeks of my second news office internship are officially over. I’m sitting on my bed, listening to some old-school Coldplay, replaying the experience in my head.

And, in addition, I turn 22 tomorrow.

Overall, it was a very positive experience. Everyone I talked to in Community X was suspiciously pleasant and willing to help me out. My co-workers were all very nice. I can see myself missing them sooner, rather than later. (But I can’t miss them too soon, because I’m dropping in tomorrow to pick up a few copies of this week’s newspaper.)

I learned several things while on this internship. Here are a few:

  • French vanilla cappuccino is delicious. In fact, I think I’ve become an addict since my editor bought me one nearly every day.
  • Any newspaper that will allow an intern to write a weekly column is either awesome or very stupid. Maybe both. But I enjoyed having that opportunity anyway.
  • Covering the death of a 20-something-year-old is really tough. Having a friend who knows the victim makes it much, much harder. Above is a photo from that event.
  • On the other hand, talking to a police officer about a non-fatal hit-and-run first thing in the morning is a piece of cake after you’ve done a story about someone who died.
  • Weekly newspapers are awesome. They allow for flexibility and more creativity in the actual writing process. I really enjoyed having that freedom. (Now. If only more weekly newspapers would move to City X. Then we’d be all set.)
  • Weekly newspapers are very different from a daily. I only felt stressed once in four weeks- and that’s only because I scheduled my interviews too close together, all in one. Stupid me.
  • One must always double-check the spelling of a name. This seems like it would be obvious. Mostly because it is. I’d never done that before last week. But the world didn’t end. I sent him an apology email before I got a chance to read the article. Thankfully, he was a sweetheart. I realize some people would’ve been an a-hole about it, but not this guy. Phew.
  • Give yourself plenty of time. I rushed to an interview one morning. I didn’t realize our meeting place was at the top of a hill. I was literally dripping in sweat while doing an interview. And, of course, he was fairly hot. (Dammit.)
  • I could never work in a town where I didn’t have any friends. Socially, I’m fairly odd. I don’t know how to meet people outside of work and school. I met up with a couple of friends from high school while in Community X but, generally, I was lonely for four weeks. I felt like I was missing so much, back in City X. My friends always sound like they were having so much fun together, without me.

But I’ll be back in City X on Saturday and I’m having a combination birthday thing with some friends that night. We’re all suiting up. Should be a laugh.

In other news…

  • We have a new puppy! 😀 Her name is Jessie and she’s about 12 weeks old. She’s a feisty monster who likes to chew on my hair, nose, ears, fingers and toes- but I love her to pieces.
  • Jenn has found us a house to rent for the summer and the following school year. It’s gorgeous! And the rent is very reasonable. And that means I’ll be staying in City X for the summer for the first time, having a full-time job for the first time (excluding unpaid internships) and having my first rent-type situation. (I’m really looking forward to moving out of Residence X though.) So, that should lead to some adventures, problems… and plenty of blog post material.

See? Kill Jill will live on. Go figure.

Pre-Internship Blab

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Arrived today in Community X, a small college town in a state/province that I’ve never spent much time in. I start work at the town’s weekly paper tomorrow morning, bright and early. Yay internship.

Ugh. “Bright” and “early.” Those two words are never welcome when one’s just been on Christmas break. Erlack.

I was supposed to start working yesterday morning but bad weather delayed me by two days. I hope those two days aren’t held against me. Hmmm. I chose a weekly newspaper this year because I was at a daily newspaper and I was stressed out of my eyeballs. I’m hoping things are a little less hectic at this place.

But either way, I’ll let you know.

Kill Jill’s Resolutions For 2010

Posted in Internship, Kill Jill, Personal on December 31, 2009 by Jill

I hope everyone has a simply smashing holiday. Here are some goals that I plan on… um… looking into in 2010.

  1. No chips. I actually gave up eating chips this summer. I’d just like to continue this goal.
  2. Continue not smoking. I don’t smoke. Never have. I’d like to continue not smoking in 2010.
  3. Impress people. I want to do well in my second newsroom internship, which starts on Monday. (Yikes.)
  4. Avoid a full hard-drive. I have to stop downloading legally acquiring new TV shows and movies before watching the old ones I haven’t gotten around to watching yet.
  5. Avoid relying on credit card too much. This speaks for itself.

So! What goals are you guys going to attempt and then forget about by February?

Internship Diary: Day XX

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Photo by Yashima.

Photo by Yashima.

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Today was my last day. There is no more. Well, until my internship next year, that is.

…And yes. I had some wine tonight… with the woman who owns the B&B I’m staying at. She invited me to dinner and we had some wine and now I’m all warm and sleepy.

Very sleepy, actually. Phew.

Mister Editor Man gave me my end-of-internship review and it was all very positive. I exceeded his expectations, he thinks I’m very talented and the only reason he’s not offering me a summer job is because I don’t have my driver’s license. I told him I completely understood.

Despite working in a newsroom not being my dream job (by a long-shot), I really did learn a lot. And if I’m ever desperate, I can try take that route, even though the number of jobs in the business is painfully limited.

I’m really happy with most of the stories I wrote. Mister Editor Man gave me mostly fluffy people stories, which I really enjoy doing. I pitched a couple story ideas, followed up on them and did them to the best of my ability. And I’m proud of that.

Am I going to miss Town X? Heck, no. (I dig culture. Yo.) Am I looking forward to getting back to City X? Heck, yes. But more than that, I’m pretty excited about going back to the boondocks for a while, as crazy as that sounds. I miss my mom. I miss having free time. I miss being able to blog for hours at a time and actually respond to comments.

I don’t particularly miss working at the convenience store but that’s where I’ll be this summer. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a follow-up to 20 Rules For The Convenience Store. I guess we’ll see.

I definitely plan on working on my new music site, blogging here and there, maybe do some guest blogging if any opportunities come up and (definitely) updating Kill Jill a lot more often than I have been. My baby has been neglected and now I must save it before Family Services comes and takes it away from me.

Wow. I really shouldn’t drink and blog. It’s bad for the Internet.

Internship Diary: Day XVII

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Photo by inka7791.

Photo by inka7791.

(I have been seriously neglecting this blog since I started college but I’ve been ten times worse since I started college. I’m not very good at juggling and I’m afraid this blog felt the brunt of that. So, for that, I apologize. But I should have lots of time to get back to updating this blog this summer, starting in early May when the school year has wrapped.)

I have just two shifts left of my internship and then I’m done. I’m taking a a bus back to City X on Monday. Score. I’m seeing one of my favorite musicians perform on Tuesday night with Jaclyn- it’s going to be amazing. Plus, I’ll get to talk to my classmates about their experiences, talk to my instructors about how things went… and just chill out in my favorite town for a week. Huzzah!

I learned a lot during my internship. I also made some significant decisions about my future and career during the last 4 weeks.

  1. I’d like to do some sort of photography biz on the side- pets, children, weddings, etc.
  2. I seriously need to get my driver’s license. Not only do I just need to, I generally just want to.
  3. When I get too old and out-of-touch to write music and/or entertainment news (which is still my passion, for the record), I want to concentrate on Health. (But I don’t plan on aging past 29, so this shouldn’t be an issue.)
  4. Different editors want different things. What was drilled into my head during school is necessarily what all editors will be looking for.
  5. If I ever need a stand-alone photo (which, in my mind, are a waste of time and newspaper page space), find a construction site. Most guys love talking to young, cute reporters half their age and are willing to pose for a photo.
  6. Newspapers love photos of young, cute children. They make the publication seem family-friendly.
  7. Small-town newspapers are not my bag, baby. If I’m going to do the Journalism thing, I’m gonna have to get a gig at a large newspaper in the city or at a magazine.
  8. I do, indeed, plan on taking a Multimedia course after I’m done Journalism. I really want to write for online publications. Even one of the reporters at the newspaper said that was probably a smart move.
  9. I’m never coming back to Town X ever, ever, ever, ever again. All my friends from high school will be gone and graduated so I really will have no reason to. So, yeah.
  10. I want to name my son (if I have one, that is) Everett Henry Demetri LastName. (This isn’t really internship-, writing- or career-related but I just thought I would throw that in there, mostly for my own records.)