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Things Kill Jill Has To Buy For School (Version III)

Posted in City X, College Stuff, College X, Kill Jill, Personal, Roommate on August 20, 2009 by Jill
Photo by Doll Joints.

Photo by Doll Joints.

Back to City X: 15 days

School is coming up and soon! I have nine shifts left at the store then I’m back on campus on September 5th. To say “I’m a little excited.” is a tiny understatement. Jenn and I are practically counting down the seconds. I just wish Roomie and Caitlin and Canning were going to be there too- but they won’t get back from their internships until mid-October. Poopoo. I’m looking forward to meeting Lauren (my new roommate) though and getting back to my old routine. Good times.

I’m going shopping on Tuesday so I hope to pick up some of this stuff then.

  • step stool (’cause last year I was getting out of the shower and there was a knock at the door and I thought it was my friend Jenn… but it was actually my friend Canning. Woops… And hey! I had a towel on, don’t be gross.)
  • a new notebook (with coil binding that flips over the top, not to the side- cause journalists write a lot and need to turn pages faster than anybody else. Yeah.)
  • record player (because I’ve recently become a vinyl whore.) Got one! Ordered it online! It’s waiting for me at an electronic shop in City X!
  • speakers (for the aforementioned record player)
  • more plates (’cause I broke a bunch… in anger. Because I’m a badass.)
  • Ethernet cord (’cause my parents stole mine)
  • sticky tack (because tape and tacks aren’t allowed on dorm walls)
  • a little tool kit (because there just aren’t enough tools in my life)
  • a Fat Lil’ Notebook (because I always have one on my desk and go through one every few months)
  • mechanical pencils
  • a butt-load of pens
  • an eyelash curler (because these eyelashes are lovely and deserve some attention
  • hair mousse

And the roomate is… (Version II)

Posted in Blog News, Kill Jill, Personal, Residence X, Roommate on July 15, 2009 by Jill

3263025568_ee81dd924bI’ve been assigned to Roomie’s old room (which is a bit bigger) and I’ve decided to take it. Although, I think it’ll be weird staying in her old room… Weird… Also, Canning will be living next door so there will only be a wall between his kitchen and my bedroom. (Oy.)

Her name is Lauren. Today I found out that my future roommate is a first-year Culinary student (just like Roomie was), from a large city (just like Roomie was) and… more importantly… is the R.A. for our floor.


Not that I binge drink, do drugs or am violent… but I’m not sure how I feel about the notion of people knocking on our door all the time. Ugh. I’ll just let her get it. And if she’s not home… well, my door won’t be answered. OOH, WE CAN MAKE UP A SECRET KNOCK OR SOMETHING- FUN!!

(Even I’m not sure if that was sarcasm or not… Hmm…)

Also, I’m not sure if I can just quit calling my former roommate Roomie. I’m the only one who calls her that and it just became a habit. So, just so you guys don’t get confused, Roomie is still “the girl I lived with last year but is now living in an apartment”. Lauren is my current roommate. Get it?

So, I’ve been super busy and I still haven’t been updating regularly. Damn. But I got a new mp3 player, it’s wickedly bad-ass. I’m excited to try it out.

Anyway. Ryan Seacrest out. Or whatever.

(Photo by litlnemo.)