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Kill Jill: Apartment Hunter?

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Relient K – I Hate Christmas Parties

Today, for the first time, I seriously considered getting an apartment for next year. I had previously planned to just live in Residence X next year but due to unforeseen circumstances (that is, me running out of money sooner than planned), I’ve been paying more attention to my finances and planning out some stuff for the future. That is, the future that is next year.

Photo by djwudi.

Photo by djwudi.

For this year, living in Residence X was the best decision for my situation. I moved in early September and will be moving out in mid-to-late-March-ish. So, I’ll be spending most of the school year here before heading off to God-Knows-Where-Ville for my mandatory on-the-job training. (Wow. Let’s see how many hyphenated words I can use in this paragraph, shall we?)

But for next year, I’ll only be in City X from September to January and then going to my second on-the-job training session at the beginning of the New Year. And, hopefully, I’ll be offered a job somewhere and I’ll go back to City X for graduation in June. And that’s that. If I had the choice, I’d stay in City X for a while, at least a couple more years. I like it here… well… mostly. Apparently City X is a bit colder than my former place of residence, and I hate the cold. But I’d deal with it if it meant staying here.

Anyway, I’ll only be in City X for four months and Residence X doesn’t offer a semester-to-semester lease so I’d be paying to live there for eight months instead of four. And I’m not down with that, as the moment. Someone from my Journalism class was looking for an apartment so Jenn started looking it up online (yes, instead of doing work…) and ended up searching out two-bedroom apartments to look at for her and her current roommate (and our pal), Caitlin. Then she mentioned getting a three-bedroom apartment with Caitlin… and moi. Although I’m a little hesitant about living with a friend and putting the friendship at risk, Jenn and I have always been very honest with one another from Day 1.

Plus, Caitlin and Jenn like to clean. I hate cleaning. So, that’s always a plus.

Here are some requirements that we’re looking for in (hopefully) a home for next year:

  1. $1500 per month (including utilities)
  2. located downtown and somewhere between our campus and Caitlin‘s campus
  3. furnished
  4. 3 bedrooms
  5. full kitchen
  6. living room
  7. laundry facility
  8. cable and high speed access
  9. 1 full bath (2 would be better, but I realize this is a dream)
  10. Preferably, not located in Crack Whore Alley (or the adjacent streets, Skinhead Row and Drug Den Boulevard).

(Please note that City X does not include streets with the above names. It does, however, include some streets that would generally be considered “quite sketchy” and my friends and I try to avoid them.)

But anyroad. I have time to think it over and discuss it further with the girls but I’m thinking that I’d like to go for it. I mean, I’m gonna be 21 next year. And there will be another pack of 18-year-olds moving into the building. Do I really want to cope with that? I did the dorm thing this year and I’m still glad I did. But I think I’ll be ready to be a grown-up and have an apartment next year.

SO. If anyone has any experience in the field of apartment-hunting, apartment-buying and/or apartment-living, I’d be glad to hear any comments and/or suggestions.

And then the terror sets in.

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College Countdown: 16 days

Holy crap. Sixteen days. SIXTEEN DAYS. Sixteen days is nothing. My countdown is almost coming to a close and the closer it gets to Moving Day, the faster it gets. Faster and faster. And now I’m beginning to feel a little panicked. Suddenly, after a year of waiting for this, I don’t feel prepared at all. At all. I can’t cook too many different things and I’ve never done my own laundry and I still don’t know who my roommate is and I have nothing packed and student loan stuff confuses the hell out of me and I don’t have enough money to last me the year and I’m super close with my mom and I don’t know how often I’ll get to see her and I’m a country girl moving to the city (a smaller city, but still) and I don’t know how I’ll manage that and I hate getting up early for school to get to class by 9 and what if my instructors don’t like my writing style and… Gah. I’m just nervous. And I hate feeling this way after looking forward to going to college for so, so long.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

In other news, Kelvin from Moments In Time and I have been talking about synchroblogging or doing a blog carnival for college blogs. Since we’re both new to the concept (of both), we thought we’d start with synchroblogging because it’s a bit more simple. Several college bloggers write posts on the same topic and schedule the publication of said posts on the same day, preferably at the same hour. In all of these posts, there should be links to all of the other posts, written by everyone else taking part. Everyone gets more hits that way. We’ll probably be doing the first session in mid-September. If any college bloggers are interested in taking part, please contact myself or Kelvin.

I’d like to thank Alex at Student Bloggers for showcasing my College Photos post. (Got some interesting college-related photos you’d like to share? See that post for details.)

Student loan stuff. Oy.

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College Countdown: 51 days

Check out the contest that is currently running! Click here for more details!

I got an envelope of student loan stuff back today. I’m not going to say how much I got, but I will say that I got about $2,000 over the cost of my tuition and residence. I just hope $2,000 will last me. I’ll probably make around $800 during the rest of the summer and I have to try not to spend too much during my my road trip at the end of the month.

Of course, they took into consideration the amount of money I would be making over the summer… There was no place on the original assessment form that asked “Do you plan to buy a kick-ass laptop with a red cover, integrated webcam, 3 Gigs of RAM and a 17-inch glossy screen?” I would have checked yes, if they had asked. But they didn’t. That’s not unfortunate.

Of course, Mom said “Surely two thousand dollars would cover your food.”
Me: “And other stuff.”
Mom: “Movies, liquor, clothes.”
Me: “Don’t worry. I’ll just buy my vodka in bulk.”

Mail, mail everywhere!

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College Countdown: 83 days
Listening To: The Happy Anarchy – Is That Right

First of all, I just wanted to mention that I did a link exchange with College Being. (Make sure to visit!) In other news, it would appear that I have a job next summer working at the same store I’m working at right now. It’s a good gig. I like the two women I work with. My boss is more than fair and I like the hours that I work. So, that’s good news.

I got 3 pieces of mail today, one from my student loan thingy, one from my former high school and one from my college. (They say all things come in groups of three…)

  1. I applied for a student loan a few days ago online and this piece of mail was just a form I had to sign and send back to them. No biggie.
  2. The second letter was about a bursary I applied for. 😦 I didn’t get it. They stated that they couldn’t award me that bursary because I didn’t graduate this year. (I explained fully in my essay that I had to take a year off due to an illness… I found that a little unfair.)
  3. I finally got my residence handbook and questionnaire from my college!! I’ve been browsing the handbook and I think I’m going to like living there next year. I’m taking a road trip with a friend to City X in July and I have a room reserved at the residence, as it serves as a hotel during the summer. I mean, I saw the inside of it when I visited campus in April but it was a very quick look.

With the handbook came a form to fill out so they can best match me with a roommate. Here’s what my roommate questionnaire looks like and what I’m likely going to fill in for my answers:

1. What are your interests? (Playing a musical instrument, reading, sports, etc.)
Writing, reading, web design, photography, TV, movies, painting.

2. Please check the most appropriate statements.

  • I consider my personality to be: outgoing / average / quiet and private
  • I prefer the temperature of my room to be: warm / average / cool
  • I prefer to study with music: always / often / seldom / never
  • I listen to music: a lot / sometimes / not often
  • My music preference is: rock / top 40 / alternative / dance / country
  • I prefer my room to be: very neat / medium neat / free style
  • I like to socialize: a lot / sometimes / never
  • I like to go to sleep: before midnight / after midnight
  • I wake up at: 7:00 on weekdays, 10-ish on weekends
  • I prefer a roommate: who drinks / who does not drink / no preference

3. Please answer the following questions:

  • I smoke: yes / no
  • I can live with a smoker: yes / no
  • I drink alcohol: yes / no
  • Do you mind lending things or letting others use them: yes / no
  • Do you like to fall asleep to TV or music: yes / no

4. Do you have any allergies? If so, explain.

5. Is there any other information you would like us to consider when we are doing roommate selection?
Please don’t make me live with someone with poor grammar… unless you want them dead.

(That last answer was just a joke… well, kind of. I do consider grammar an important component in people. People with poor grammar just really bug me. Just ask my grandmother. I’m forced to correct her all the time.)

I’m worried…

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College Countdown: 87 days

I filled out my student loan form online the other day. What a pain. Social insurance numbers, tax information… actually, just numbers in general. Blech. I’m not a fan. The fact I have to take a math class next year makes me gag. I’m a writer, not an accountant. The only person in my entire family who is even the least bit good at math is my cousin. I guess she wants to take Accounting at College X next year. Of course, she’s changed her mind about six times in the past year. So, we’ll see what actually happens there…

Anyhoozle. I’m worried because on the student loan form, they didn’t ask how much my residence costs. To stay at Residence X actually will cost me more than what my program will. They just asked if I’ll be living on campus or at home and how many kilometers is my home from campus. (For the record, it’s 212.)

What I’m saying is… if I don’t get the full student loan amount, I’m kind of screwed. Hard-core.

99 Days Left. Whoa.

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College Countdown: 99 days

Whoa. Ninety-nine days left. That’s quite awesome.

I told my boss this at work yesterday. (Except yesterday it wasn’t “99 days”. It was 100. Dur.) She seemed surprised that I was counting down the days until college- or, as I also call it, freedom.
“You think being in college is freedom?”
She snickered.
“Freedom from (insert name of community I live in),” I clarified.
She seemed to understand that.

Student loan forms come out on June 1st- or so I’m told. I guess you can do it right online. That’s good because I don’t have a printer. Okay, well, I guess we have a printer… it’s just not functioning right now. But it equals to the same thing.

I’m also looking into cell phones these days. I’ve never bought one before, so this is an all-new experience for me. I guess I’m not getting it here because I don’t want a local number. So, I have to wait until I move to City X. Because I don’t talk on the phone a lot, I’m going for the pay-as-you-go method. I’ll try that out for a while but if it gets too pricey, I’ll just have to switch to the monthly thing.