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Kill Jill Video Blog (#1)!

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I thought I’d give this a shot. Let me know if you guys like the video blog or prefer written posts that require reading. (It’s like a who’s who of Lazytown!)

Internship Diary: Day XX

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Photo by Yashima.

Photo by Yashima.

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Today was my last day. There is no more. Well, until my internship next year, that is.

…And yes. I had some wine tonight… with the woman who owns the B&B I’m staying at. She invited me to dinner and we had some wine and now I’m all warm and sleepy.

Very sleepy, actually. Phew.

Mister Editor Man gave me my end-of-internship review and it was all very positive. I exceeded his expectations, he thinks I’m very talented and the only reason he’s not offering me a summer job is because I don’t have my driver’s license. I told him I completely understood.

Despite working in a newsroom not being my dream job (by a long-shot), I really did learn a lot. And if I’m ever desperate, I can try take that route, even though the number of jobs in the business is painfully limited.

I’m really happy with most of the stories I wrote. Mister Editor Man gave me mostly fluffy people stories, which I really enjoy doing. I pitched a couple story ideas, followed up on them and did them to the best of my ability. And I’m proud of that.

Am I going to miss Town X? Heck, no. (I dig culture. Yo.) Am I looking forward to getting back to City X? Heck, yes. But more than that, I’m pretty excited about going back to the boondocks for a while, as crazy as that sounds. I miss my mom. I miss having free time. I miss being able to blog for hours at a time and actually respond to comments.

I don’t particularly miss working at the convenience store but that’s where I’ll be this summer. Who knows, maybe I’ll write a follow-up to 20 Rules For The Convenience Store. I guess we’ll see.

I definitely plan on working on my new music site, blogging here and there, maybe do some guest blogging if any opportunities come up and (definitely) updating Kill Jill a lot more often than I have been. My baby has been neglected and now I must save it before Family Services comes and takes it away from me.

Wow. I really shouldn’t drink and blog. It’s bad for the Internet.

Internship Diary: Day XVII

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Photo by inka7791.

Photo by inka7791.

(I have been seriously neglecting this blog since I started college but I’ve been ten times worse since I started college. I’m not very good at juggling and I’m afraid this blog felt the brunt of that. So, for that, I apologize. But I should have lots of time to get back to updating this blog this summer, starting in early May when the school year has wrapped.)

I have just two shifts left of my internship and then I’m done. I’m taking a a bus back to City X on Monday. Score. I’m seeing one of my favorite musicians perform on Tuesday night with Jaclyn- it’s going to be amazing. Plus, I’ll get to talk to my classmates about their experiences, talk to my instructors about how things went… and just chill out in my favorite town for a week. Huzzah!

I learned a lot during my internship. I also made some significant decisions about my future and career during the last 4 weeks.

  1. I’d like to do some sort of photography biz on the side- pets, children, weddings, etc.
  2. I seriously need to get my driver’s license. Not only do I just need to, I generally just want to.
  3. When I get too old and out-of-touch to write music and/or entertainment news (which is still my passion, for the record), I want to concentrate on Health. (But I don’t plan on aging past 29, so this shouldn’t be an issue.)
  4. Different editors want different things. What was drilled into my head during school is necessarily what all editors will be looking for.
  5. If I ever need a stand-alone photo (which, in my mind, are a waste of time and newspaper page space), find a construction site. Most guys love talking to young, cute reporters half their age and are willing to pose for a photo.
  6. Newspapers love photos of young, cute children. They make the publication seem family-friendly.
  7. Small-town newspapers are not my bag, baby. If I’m going to do the Journalism thing, I’m gonna have to get a gig at a large newspaper in the city or at a magazine.
  8. I do, indeed, plan on taking a Multimedia course after I’m done Journalism. I really want to write for online publications. Even one of the reporters at the newspaper said that was probably a smart move.
  9. I’m never coming back to Town X ever, ever, ever, ever again. All my friends from high school will be gone and graduated so I really will have no reason to. So, yeah.
  10. I want to name my son (if I have one, that is) Everett Henry Demetri LastName. (This isn’t really internship-, writing- or career-related but I just thought I would throw that in there, mostly for my own records.)

Internship Diary: Day IV

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Photo by Stewf.

Photo by Stewf.

This town stinks.

I’m cranky. My day was pretty crummy. Things were going OK. A photo I took was on the front page of the newspaper the other day and then a story I did yesterday was the top story this morning. Good times all ’round. But I arrived at work this morning to find its original owner using it. She was back from vacation. So, I took the (very messy, cluttered desk of the guy who sits next to me, who had the day off.

Well, first I couldn’t get logged on to the computer. Then I couldn’t get the phone to work. Then I couldn’t figure out how to hook my recorder to the phone so I could record my interviews. (For the record, I’m terrible at taking quotes down by hand. Terrible. I’m just not fast enough!) So I tried recording at my old desk while Ms. Cranky Pants was off on assignment. And guess what. The little cord that hooks the phone to the recorder is broken. There must be a short in the cord or something. And I’d just had an in-depth interview with the president of a local community college. I had NOTHING.

Anyhoo. A crummy day. I don’t know where I’ll be sitting tomorrow either. Frig. Thank the G-man tomorrow is Friday.

After work, I went for a walk to pick up some supplies (cookies, popcorn, a phone card and a battery charger, since I left mine in City X). Here are some comparisons between City X (where my college is located) and Town X (where I’m currently doing my internship):

  • While City X‘s downtown is hip, cultural and artsy, Town X‘s downtown is full of out-of-business shops that never actually stood a chance of surviving
  • City X has an amazing music scene. Town X isn’t quite sure what that is.
  • In City X, I would be considered average in sense of style. In Town X, if you’re wearing matching shoes, you automatically get ten points.
  • City X people have a certain city quality about them. You can generally tell who lives in town and who doesn’t. In Town X, even people who live right in town wear rubber boots and deerskin coats. (They might as well be spitting some tobacco isn’t a metal bucket.)
  • In City X, I could just walk somewhere downtown and buy a phone recorder. But in Town X? Oh, no. No, no. Not that easy.
  • Frig. Even the people are better-looking in City X

And you know what? This town really does, literally, stink.

Internship Diary: Day II

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Photo by thorinside.

Photo by thorinside.

I didn’t sleep much on Sunday night so yesterday is kind of a
blur, particularly the evening. First I was in the newsroom, then I was sent on assignment, then I was interviewing some people, then I walked back to the newsroom in fancy shoes.

Big mistake. But I digress.

I talked to Mom on the phone last night. God, what a depressing conversation that was. I was regretting my choice of college program and seriously considering quitting the program after my internship and applying for the Multimedia program for next year instead of the year after. (Not gonna lie- I still might. Matters how the next 2 weeks go.)

I can honestly say that this really isn’t what I want to do with my life: chasing stories I don’t care about in a town I don’t like. I know that sounds harsh but what can I do. Any of my regular readers will tell you- the junk you read in a newspaper just isn’t my style. When I write news stories, I don’t feel like I’m writing. I’m just regurgitating facts. And that’s no way to live.

Not for me, anyway.

Today was my second day in the newsroom and it was much better. I worked on 3 stories this morning, filed one this afternoon and drove around with a co-worker named Monique. She’s silly and a great gal to chum around with.

I feel exhausted when I get home though. I have a bunch of friends around Town X but when I get home from work, I just feel like sleeping. Frig.

Anyway. That’s it so far. On the plus side, I did get a story on page 2 of the newspaper this morning. That was a nice surprise, first thing in the morning. I was eating breakfast with the woman who owns the B&B I’m staying at and her 5-year-old. Can’t remember the last time I had a traditional breakfast in the morning. It’s kinda nice.

Internship Diary: Prologue

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Photo by moriza.

Photo by moriza.

Well, all my stuff is unpacked, finally. I feel like the last two days have been nothing but packing my life into boxes and then unpacking those boxes and putting my life into other, slightly smaller boxes.

I just want to take a nap. That’s all I’ve ever wanted, really.

But if I take a nap now (now being 7:30 pm), I’ll never get to sleep. I’m setting my alarm for 6:30 am and putting the alarm on my desk so I’ll actually have to get out of bed to turn the thing off (rather than hitting the snooze button in my sleep). I’ll start setting it to 7 am or even 7:30 am starting Tuesday- depends on the new schedule and routine.

The bed & breakfast I’m staying at offers a breakfast dealio, too, so I’m doing that around 8 am. I don’t usually eat breakfast but I’m paying for it so I might as well take advantage of it. I don’t think I could handle a big ol’ pile o’ flapjacks (Five points to anyone who knows what I just referenced there!) first thing in the morning without vomiting all over the breakfast table. And I’m eating with the couple who owns this place. And their 5-year-old. And their dog. So yeah. Awkward.

(Stupid WordPress. Added the header photo to my gallery. Woops. Just ignore that last one, k?)

But the bed & breakfast is gorgeous. (Above are some photos from my private area of the B&B. I also have my own bathroom) And it’s only about half a block from the newsroom. I have a dozen (or so) friends who still live here in Town X so I’m pretty stoked about seeing them all and catching up on all the news. Feels weird to be back here though.

So, yeah. Tomorrow is The Big Day. Wish me luck! (DO IT.)

City X, I shall miss thee.

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First, I need everyone to click on this link and, on the page that comes up, click on the image that says “2009 Edu Blogger Scholarship Contest”. That’s all you have to do! It’s so simple, even a complete moron could do it!

Currently, it’s 3 AM. My parents are going to be here in less than 12 hours. I have to finish packing in the morning, wash dishes, take out the garbage and clean the fish bowl before they arrive. I also like to sleep a lot.

Did I mention that it’s 3 AM?

I took a walk by myself this afternoon, just to soak in some last-minute City X loveliness. I took my camera down to the waterfront. It’s deserted this time of year. It was sunny and cold and the ice on the water as perfectly smooth. I felt completely content and at peace.

A week ago, the thought of leaving this place would have made me cry. But I think I’m ready to move forward, career- and experience-wise. I plan to come back here in April for a week and then again in September.

It’s weird to say this: but the next time I blog, it’ll be about my first day as an intern at a newspaper in Town X. Weird.