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My Roommate’s Mate … Sucks!

Posted in Articles, College Stuff, Dorm Life, Health & Lifestyle, How-To, On Campus, The Real College Guide, Tips on September 11, 2009 by Jill

By Maria Moy for The Real College Guide

sucky-roommateMaybe your roommate is great. But her boyfriend? His girlfriend? Not so much. “There’s this one girl on our floor whose boyfriend is so loud and dirty and obnoxious!” says a University of North Carolina Wilmington sophomore who prefers to remain anonymous. “He just helps himself to whatever he wants, leaves crusty dishes lying around and hocks loogies in the shower. He’s there every weekend, and now he’s put a queen-sized air mattress in the middle of the floor because he doesn’t like sleeping in a twin bed.”

Whether your roommate’s partner has a problem using antiperspirant or prides herself on being able to burp to the tune of every song on Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed,” you can’t exactly enroll this person in charm school. So what to do about the total space invader? Luckily, there are ways to reclaim your space — and your sanity — without things taking a turn for the weird. If you heed our dandy list of do’s and don’ts, you won’t have to let the BF or GF jeopardize your relationship with your roommate. Read on .…

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Top 10: Things to Do Before You Bolt

Posted in Articles, How-To, The Real College Guide, Tips on September 3, 2009 by Jill

By Lauren Joffe for The Real College Guide

mediumHasta la vista, Mom and Dad. Hello, independence … but wait! Not so fast. Before you hit the road and leave your parentals behind, make sure you’re fully prepared for your new life of unwavering autonomy by spending your summer days wisely. Here, 10 things to do before you bolt. Ready, set …

1. Check up on your computer.
New computers rarely come with programs like Microsoft Office, which you’ll definitely need, so be sure to purchase before you’re stuck handwriting your first assignment. And if you’re using an older comp, make sure it’s ready to take the heat: Since you will be on it all the time, install any updates or think about an upgrade. Also, find out if your school offers wireless Internet access (and if your computer is compatible) or whether you’ll need an Ethernet cable. Note: Some schools prohibit users without spyware or virus protection from connecting to the network. So, seriously, get the deets!

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