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Follow me on Twitter!

Posted in Blog News, Links, Web on August 29, 2009 by Jill

You can now follow me on Twitter. Who knows? I might even follow you back. Depends on if you’re a Twitter skank or not. Or a robot.


Kill Jill’s Awesome Thing Of The Week: Etsy

Posted in Awesome Things, Links, Web on August 14, 2009 by Jill

God, I luuurve this site. I’ve never purchased anything from it before but I think when I’m looking for creative and unique stuff (especially art) to decorate my apartment with, I’ll go to Etsy. Click on the image below to visit the site.


DIY Projects For Your Dorm Room

Posted in Articles, College Stuff, Dorm Life, How-To, Links, Tips, Web on August 12, 2009 by Jill

College time is upon us once again and dorm room shopping has begun. But there’s nothing like getting your hands dirty and putting together something on your own. Here’s a list of do-it-yourself projects that you can do for your dorm room.


Image courtesy of neon.mamacita.

HP Giveaway starts on Friday!

Posted in Blog News, Contests, Links, Web on August 12, 2009 by Jill

oddanimals063So, I know what I’m going to have you guys do in order to win the HP Bundle (the HP dv6 laptop, HP Mini 110 laptop and the Timbuk2 bag). But I just wanna remind you- you have to enter between Friday, August 14th and Tuesday, August 18th. The requirements won’t be extreme but I don’t want to share them until Friday. Just don’t forget to enter!

And I’m sweetening the deal (a little) for the top contest entries. The top 5 contest entries will also get linked here at Kill Jill. And something will be done with the best contest entries- but I can’t say what yet.

Come back this Friday for more details!

(You can find out more info about the giveaway here and read my review of these two fabulous laptops here.)

10 Tips For College Freshmen

Posted in Articles, Classy!, College Stuff, Dorm Life, Fun Times, General, Health & Lifestyle, How-To, Links, Money Honey, On Campus, Tips, Web on August 11, 2009 by Jill

(This is an excerpt from a recent post I did for the myUsearch blog. I thought some of my readers would enjoy it.)

Last week, our friends over at Unigo published a great back to school guide with a ton of tips for college freshman, including links and videos with helpful advice for those of you starting college for the first time. After checking this out, it made me wonder what tips I’d give to college freshman. As a wise old sophomore in college, I think it’s my duty to tell you a few things.

Courtesy of foundphotoslj.

Courtesy of foundphotoslj.

(Click here to see the rest of the article.)

Review: HP Pavilion dv6t Notebook and Mini

Posted in Articles, College Stuff, Contests, Dorm Life, How-To, Kill Jill, Links, Money Honey, On Campus, Tips, Web on August 10, 2009 by Jill

HPPaviliondv6_FrontOpenBefore the HP giveaway starts on Aug. 14, I thought I’d do a little review of the products that are available to win. (You can learn more about the giveaway here.)

(The image to the left is the HP Pavilion dv6t notebook. Below is the HP Mini.)

Between the two products, I fell in love with the HP Mini more. But I’ll get to that later.

After using a Dell with a 17 inch screen, the HP notebook‘s 16 inch screen just didn’t seem wide enough for what I use my laptop for (watching movies). (Of course, my laptop doesn’t include a BluRay player like this baby.)

Other than that, it’s a great product. The setup was really easy. This notebook comes with Windows Vista (which has gotten a bad rep in the past, yes, but I’ve been using it for a year and I’ve not once had any issues with it).

I tend to multi-task while I tinker away on my computer and this notebook handled that fine, no matter how many applications I was running or how many windows I had open.

I think this laptop would be great for people who download a butt-load of… um… legal content because the hard-drive is a nice, big one: 500 GB (Nice.). Would likely also be swell for those hip, nerdy types who play World of Warcraft and have every Sims game and expansion pack ever made. (I love hip, nerdy types. For the record.)

Now. Onto the gem of the two, the HP Mini.

HPMini110_FrontOpenOhmygoodgorsh, I love this thing. It’s so small (includes a 10 inch screen) but not too small- you can still web browse with ease and so light. Perfect for web browsing at the local café or checking your email on the go. It would likely be awesome if you had a wireless connection but I haven’t gotten the opportunity to try that out- yet. (Once I get to school, I am there.) But it comes with an Ethernet port, so it’s all good.

This computer will be useful for those students pursuing an online degree.

The Mini comes with Windows XP, which is totally cool. Setup was easy, but not as flashy as the Pavilion‘s. But what the Mini lacks in flashiness, it makes up for in convenience.

And with the Syncable software, you can access stuff on your Pavilion from your Mini. So that’s pretty neat, too.

And best of all, it fits nicely in your purse. (Or, if you prefer, your man purse.)

If it were legal, I think I would consider marrying the HP Mini. I kid you not.

You can also check out a review for the same two products at Student Bloggers. You can also find out more info on the Kill Jill HP Giveaway here.

14 Helpful Dorm Links

Posted in Articles, College Stuff, Dorm Life, Fun Times, Health & Lifestyle, How-To, Links, Tips, Web on August 3, 2009 by Jill
Photo by Brandon Cirillo.

Photo by Brandon Cirillo.

Below are some fantastical dorm links for the Freshman student- and for those of us returning to campus in the fall.

(I know. It’s been ages since I wrote a helpful post… Does anyone have any suggestions for what they’d like me to write about on here?? Let me know.)

Here are some older Kill Jill Goes To College posts to help you settle into dorm life.

I’ve always been a fan of the blog Surviving College Life. Here are 2 dorm-related posts for you to check out:

Jamie from Surviving College Life links to Apartment Therapy and I checked it out (finally!) this afternoon. And good grief, what a great site. Lots of cool projects that could easily be used in dorm rooms.

Also, Kill Jill has a new link exchange buddy: It’s got posts on all sorts of neat stuff. Here are some dorm life-related posts from that blog.