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15 Things To Do When You’re Alone In A Dorm

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It’s Spring Break for me and my fellow students at College X. So, I’ve had the dorm to myself since Roomie left on Friday. It’s been weird, not having her around… or anyone for that matter. The one only left in City X is Jaclyn and I’ve been hanging out with her quite a bit.


But I’ve also been taking advantage of the free time and space. Including some (and I mean some!) of the things on this list. I present to you Kill Jill’s List of 15 Things To Do When You’re Alone In A Dorm. (I do recommend you make sure the door is locked when you do these things though. Because you never know.)

  1. Dance. Oh, I never thought dancing could be so much fun.
  2. Use your hair brush as a microphone and pretend you’re Debbie Harry from Blondie (or whoever it is you kids are listening to nowadays).
  3. Walk around in your pajamas all day.
  4. Walk around in your underwear.
  5. Walk around in your birthday suit.
  6. Eat peanut butter from the jar.
  7. Go pee with the bathroom door open. (But only if you have a bathroom in your dorm, not a shared one with everyone on your floor. Naturally.)
  8. Stay up until 3 AM.
  9. Play music until 3 AM (unless your dormitory has rules on quiet hours).
  10. Look up porn star actors on IMDB. This is actually a fun activity I discovered this evening. (I recommend checking out Wesley Pipes and Deep Threat. Their credentials are both impressive and hilarious.)
  11. Try on outfits you don’t usually wear and model them with pieces that you wouldn’t usually match together. Who knows! You might find yourself a new look! And even if you don’t, you can always find fashionable wholesale clothing online, so check out some websites for future purposes.
  12. Read. When I’m reading, I get distracted really easily so being alone is great for reading.
  13. Drink from the container. I do this all the time so Roomie is used to it. Oh well.
  14. Watch movies your roommate doesn’t like. Watch them loud, watch them proud. Rewind them and watch parts you like over and over. Quote any lines you know. Throw popcorn at the TV.
  15. Clean up your mess. Jeeze, man. There’s popcorn all over the place and juice on the floor from when you drank out of the container. Your roommate likely had a rough couple of days without the sight of your lovely face. Make sure the dorm isn’t a huge mess when they get back, huh?