Wanna advertise?

Would you like to advertise with Kill Jill Goes To College? Just email me with an offer and we’ll negotiate from there. I prefer to do business with businesses related to college, dorm life or students.

I accept requests for text link ads and image ads but the price will go up for images, obviously.

If you email me with an offer, I will reply within a couple days, usually within a couple hours of receiving your email. Thanks.

Click here to email me. (Remove the “(at)” in my address and replace it with a “@” please.)

One Response to “Wanna advertise?”

  1. Hey Jill,
    First of call…cool website! And you’ve gained quite a following! I just wanted to shoot you a note about a website I just started that I thought your readers may be interested in. It’s called KissandDish.com and it’s a socially interactive website dedicated to the highs and lows of dating, sex, and relationship. Anyone can log on, create a profile, and write anonymously about their love and sex lives…many are sharing hilarious stories of hookups or sad stories of heartbreaks. Complete strangers are commenting and offereing advice which I think is really cool. College students are really starting to log on and it’s gaining quite a following from those who learn about it. I thought it might be something your readers enjoy and was wondering if maybe you might want to use it as a story idea or perhaps a link on your website.
    Let me know what you think! Feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Take care and great job!
    Kristen Ricordati
    Co-creator of KissandDish.com

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